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Thursday, October 29, 2015


I have read and have been emailed about some Land Use issues and there is some misunderstanding on a few important matters.
I will preface this by stating that any issues regarding planning and zoning can be directed to our very capable Office of Development Services

So. to clarify, firstly, the Dollar General store is proposed for across Rt 25 near Blake Road. The Family Dollar had proposed a new store next to Tedeschi's, but the developer long ago withdrew. To my knowledge, nothing is in the works for that property. 

Secondly, the Planning Board is an independent, elected body, and is not under the control of the BoS. Among it's duties is to review and approve subdivisions, site plans, prepare amendments to the zoning ordinance, and hold the necessary public hearings on proposed or petitioned amendments to the zoning ordinance. The Planning Board is also responsible to develop a Master Plan. 

Again, the BoS have no legal authority over these matters. NH DOT on the other hand has a lot of authority about what happens on its roads. Rt 25 is such a road. The Planning Board can request that certain conditions be in place when property is developed off Rt. 25, but the NH DOT has the final say. Curb cuts, turning lanes, etc are all in the hands of the DOT on their roadways. 


Fred Van Magness said...

Your points are well taken. However, despite these comments, look at the 11/13/2008 BOS minutes where there was a large amount of BOS discussion about Fox Hollow and moving it up on a DOT list of intersections. There were also hearings and input sessions hosted by the Town Administrator about Fox Hollow. In my opinion, apparently the BOS weighed in heavily on this discussion and actions with DOT, including directing their administrator to hold these sessions. In addition, the BOS committed to match 1/3rd of the overall project cost with town funds. So the BOS does have sway and input on what happens along RT25. And since 2008, there has been little to no discussion or action to improve other listed RT 25 intersections that were on the DOT's list that was modified to move Fox Hollow up in the overall priorities. While maybe there is no legal authority about what happens on these roadways, there certainly is a significant amount of local BOS input that counts as far as DOT is concerned. Yes, DOT has the final say, but they do work closely with the town and this is where the BOS needs to exert its influence to prioritize the intersections along RT25 that were identified 7 years ago for significant fixes. It is time to reignite the discussions by the BOS with DOT about these intersections, especially Redding Lane. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Fred, your points are well taken, but it is our House and Senate Reps we need to get on, not the selectmen. Hold them accountable.

Joseph Cormier said...

Maybe we'll get a virtual tour of the Dollar General store, when it is built. There's already a virtual store of the MoBo Town Meeting store:


Other virtual tours:


Nice work Bill! (I suspect it's you).