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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Conway School Superintendent Seeks 3% Pay increase for Administrators and Non Union Personnel

Here is the story in the Conway Daily Sun. The basis of the argument is that wages for these positions are lower ( in the bottom 20%) of the statewide pay scales, which makes retention and hiring problematic.
Currently, non union employees are compensated on a performance pay system which provides for a possible 3 percent increase based upon meeting individual performance objectives,as well as a Social Security/Cost of Living  increase , if awarded.
According to the article, the Kennett High School principal works a 260 day schedule  while the remaining principals and assistant principals work a 215 day schedule.  A 260 day schedule is what people that work 5 days a week for 52 weeks work . Presumably, 215 days means off for most of the summer. The numbers in the article seem to validate that the pay scale, at least for the majority of the administrators, are well below the state averages.
I don't have a problem with the 215 day schedule as  many of us work full time jobs and don't work 5 days per week. I only work 156 days a year. I don't however have the summer off as well as all holidays.
The question then maybe is whether people looking for those jobs want to live in say Manchester for more money,  or in Conway for less money?
I also wonder why the current performance based system which is already at 3% per year ( plus COLA) is not working?


Joseph Cormier said...

I was a little confused reading the article regarding contracts ... Union (CBA) or non-union contracts!

Can't summary compensations be achieved for both class of contract over time? Non-union contract folks, can't be compensated, as one year or three or five year CBA's? Obviously, different job titles/categories defined in the CBA.

Technically, even in the CBA titles that may have non-union members have to be paid the same wages. The Supreme Court ruled many years ago, that no one is required to belong to a union. They must pay the union dues, however.

Exception, Right To Work states (easy Russ). That's all RTW practically means ... don't have to pay the Union dues.

I think COLAS are out again.
I don't blame anyone for optimizing the wages they can get. However, titles don't necessitate reward. Some are probably underpaid, and some are probably overpaid.

Weather is cloudy here, in Burlington Vermont. I hope no one spots were from MoBo. Don't want any socialists or Bernie, to shadow us while up here, playing around. I think Vermont is sometimes called "the upside down state".

Wonder what moniker we can give MoBo!

Some stats:
NH Dept. of Education

Horace Mann said...

Look. There is no harm in asking.
But in reality, there are plenty of people who would love any of the jobs at this school.
And note. There is no Social Security cost of living this year as the federal formula numbers state no cost of living increase.
So if Social Security recipients aren't getting anything this year, so then, those at this school don't get one either.
That is the way formulas work.
If superintendent Kevin Richard doesn't like his pay then move on. There are plenty that would love his job.
But, how does this non-union pay scale correspond to what Moultonborough school administrators and employees get?
Makes one wonder.

Anonymous said...

Horace Mann, you are absolutely right. If the Super thinks he's being slighted... move on. If the contract he signed calls for a 52 week year as opposed to summers of then "them's the breaks" son. His bringing the non union employees into the fight to line his pockets is gratuitous behavior at best.
Much like those of us in the private sector, any reference to COLA is tied the CPI which has been hamstrung by the Obama admin. by eliminating the price of FOOD (how's your grocery bill), FUEL (until the past few months or so heating and transportation have been huge) and HOUSING ($1200 - 1500 a month to rent a minimal abode).In the private sector raises are controlled first by performance and by a close second profits. With a struggling economy for 7 years (sorry Blogger, but the liars can figure and the figures can lie) there are many who like the superintendent have had few if any raises. To compare his situation to the union is sophomoric. Union negotiations run from any connection to performance, actual economy indicators and strive toward figures that are guaranteed "steps" and for years served. Welcome to the real world.
Maybe next time charter schools come up in the debate he would support the idea of renting some space to a successful educational venture and perhaps consider an employment opportunity as well. I doubt that.

Anonymous said...

"any reference to COLA is tied the CPI which has been hamstrung by the Obama admin"

You lost all credibility once you wrote these words. Please post a reference where Obama has changed the law effecting SS COLAs. Don't hold your breath while looking as it will have secure consequences.

"but the liars can figure and the figures can lie"

Easy to classify you into the first group unless you can respond.

There are some political ideologies that want to eliminate Social Security altogether. Perhaps you would be happier with them.

Seeing as most economists say the U.S. has led the world recovery out of the Great Recession and the dollar is the strongest it has been in many years, I won't comment any further on the 7 year bit.