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Alexander Hamilton

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Derry Voters Repeal Tax Cuts

Apparently a huge turnout, so much so that there were not enough ballots on hand.
The total cuts would have reduced the tax rate by $1.21. The full story is here in the Union Leader.


Joseph Cormier said...

From the comments section at the bottom of the article:

"One quarter of the population turned out to vote and that's called a huge turnout. I think I see a dimpled chad."

If one quarter of the MoBo population turned out for a town meeting, that would be around 1,000 folks! Fat chance. You'd get twice that, no problem, with SB-2, but that's not going to happen either ... for at least a couple of generations.

Are the Derry folks more inclined to spend more, forget budget cuts?

Maybe MoBo has more "free money". You know, get a petition passed and don't worry it's about the three people it's for!

Painfully watched last night's debate, nobody explains how freebies will be paid for, but only after complaining taxes are too high!

After attending the "No Labels" conference (it was free, like a BoS meeting). Wouldn't it be great to get them all in a room, and stream to the world their performance and positions.

Maybe Putin would attend! Then again, maybe he's got some email he could share!

Moultonboro Blogger said...

A little add on to Joe's comment: the audi only holds about 550 or so. Kinda sad that we only plan on a max. number of less than 15% of voters. What would happen if 1,000 showed up?

Joseph Cormier said...

I don't like posting too often (self-conscious), but you folks got to start posting more often. I don't want to be accused of being on a MoBo "posting" committee, and hearing the same voices, singing from the same hymnal, "all the time". Morning coffee provides for 5-10 minutes to expound.

Start reviewing last years Annual Report, and start bitching! After all, this is MoBo, all 265 of us that will show up for the annal (two n's) town meeting.

Derry budget-cut defeat

Anonymous said...

I don't have time to do a long post. I'm looking on-line for the biggest gun I can find. I'm going to email DoD to see if they have any 16" guns from the decommissioned WW2 battleships lying around.