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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Part of Moultonboro Neck/Long Island Road On State Repaving Plan for 2017

I attended the Lakes Region Planning Commission meeting Monday evening, immediately after which a public hearing was held on the draft NH DOT ten year transportation improvement plan. Planning Board Chair Scott Bartlett was also in attendance. The GACIT hearing ( Governor's Advisory Commission on Intermodal Transportation )  have been scheduled across the State to review and receive input on transportation projects and priorities included in the draft 2017-2026 Ten Year Transportation Improvement Plan. The Proposed Resurfacing ProgramCalendar Year 2017 includes a 3.1 mile section of Moultonboro Neck/Long Island Road scheduled for "maintenance" repaving.  In the public comment segment, I informed the NH DOT of the poor condition of the entire road, that it is a vital access road to the lake and that its condition is beyond " maintenance." The DOT conceded that Tier 4 roads such as Moultonboro Neck have been neglected due to  lack of funding, and some have not seen any work in 10 or even 20 years. They expect that repaving will only improve the section for a few years. A Tier 4 road is defined as follows:" Local Connectors Secondary highways and unnumbered routes as well as the bridges along them are local connectors and they provide travel between and within communities. Traffic on local connectors, such as NH 141 or Bean Rd in Moultonborough, is usually low volume and low speed." In the summer especially, Moultonboro Neck is hardly a "low volume" road.
The presentation was led by Executive Councilor Joe Kenney and can be viewed here on the NH DOT website. The public can still send comments on the ten year plan to Councilor Kenney at: Joseph.Kenney@nh.gov
Some interesting facts we heard during the presentation: 

  • The state owns just under 5,000 miles of roads of which 1,150 miles are tier 3-4.
  •  In 2010, 72% of state roads were in good condition. In 2015 it has declined to 68%. 
  • "Red" listed bridges ( poor condition) are also falling behind. Each year 23 are added on average and only 21 are removed from the list. 
  • 1/3 of all state bridges are 75 years or older
  • The current 10 year plan is over programmed by 20%. The proposed plan is 6% over programmed. 
  • A 28% increase in tolls is being proposed to meet the unfunded turnpike project needs


Fred Van Magness said...

It would be nice if the town went back to the 2008 Route 25 Corridor Study and address improvement to the Redding Lane/Rt25 intersection. It was put off for a year while Fox Hollow got attention, but we are long past Fox Hollow and nothing continues to be done. I will be bringing this up to the BOS at some point. But the town needs to go back and address this issue which continues to get worse. Time has come for some action and the BOS needs to press the state for getting going on this intersection NOW. The neck road certainly does not get as much traffic as RT25. PRIORITIES must be made !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Too bad our legislators voted to increase the gas tax last year without some specifics required for bad road improvements.

Joseph Cormier said...

I thought I'd comment, that MoBo should have asked the state, to put in the "breakdown lanes", going in on the Neck road. It would have saved effort and money on "pathways" :) Thank "goodness" (p.c), ("God", not p.c.)) for JoJo's. and trees.

Kidding aside, Kiplinger's had a piece that is reprinted by the Chicago Tribune, and it might be considered by MoBo; maybe by those with entrepreneurial spirit.

It does frighten me when anything near ... "It takes a Village" ... comes up, though!

Chicago piece


Moultonboro Blogger said...

The money was allocated fpr specific purposes:
42% for bonding for the I-93 widening project
33% to municipalities for local road and bridge repair
25% to repair secondary state roads in 2015-16

Moultonboro Blogger said...

I neglected to mention the one project on the state 10 year plan. It is for safety improvements from just west of Lakeshore Drive to just east of Lakeshore Drive and rt 25. Be patient though, it is not scheduled to start until 2022 and finish in 2025.