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Friday, October 16, 2015

Selectmen Highlights October 15th 2015

Not many highlights, just a 30 minute meeting. 
  • A task order was approved , pursuant to Article 13 at 2015 Town Meeting for $15,000 for a conceptual design for  reconstructing/rehabilitation of the Playground Drive softball field.
  • Next years Lee's Mill Steamboat Association meet will be held from September 6th through September 19th.
  • 2016 Elections- As it is a national election year, we need to purchase additional voting booths to meet the legal requirements. I made the suggestion to look into using the MA gym for the Presidential election due to the large expected turnout. Russ also thought that the primary in February might also have a very large turnout. TA Walter Johnson will investigate with the School District. 
  • We received the bill for next year from the Lakes Region Planning Commission. The total is $10,331. I explained the formula used, which is taking the average of each town's percent of the total population of all 30 member towns and cities and the percent of total assessed value of all member towns and cities. Our share of the population is 3.6% and 13.14% of the total assessed property value. The average of the two is 8.362%.  So, 8.362% of the total member fees budgeted ( $123,550) is $10,331. 
  • The Convention of Committees is set for next Thursday at 6pm ( 5:30-6pm food and beverages) at the MA cafeteria. 


Anonymous said...

Convention of committees? what the heck is that? Don't we have enough committees?

Town Hall Junkie said...

So glad we are going to bring the playground ball diamond up to World Series standards. Shameful that thee right field is a few feet short, and the warning line is rough. $ 300,000 should fix this disgraceful condition. I sincerely hope no one with common sense comes along and questions this expense. So glad that voter apathy supports expenduratures like this this.
While we have the bank book out, we also need a Locker room, shower, toilet facility for this playground. It is disgusting to have to use a porta-potty, in this wealthy town.

Joseph Cormier said...

Anonymous Town Hall Junkie said...

"It is disgusting to have to use a porta-potty, in this wealthy town."

Not to worry. That's "flowing" as well!

See this link on the town website:


Maybe this will be presented as the new rec. center ... oooppps .... Community Center. Might be used more!

Terence C. Jatko said...

The "Convention of Committees"? Sounds like something out of the old Soviet Union, doesn't it, comrades?

Town Hall Junkie said...

Reconstruction of Playground Drive Soft Ball Diamond.....what happened to the glimpse of common sense from our road agent, who looked over the field last year, and thought that out innovative highway dept could remedy the fields shortcomings. It is an insult to all taxpayers to have this expendature, along with the needed $ 300,000 or $ 400,000 States Landing Beach rehab, AND the multi-million Gym ( A K A Community Center ). Is this town just about recreation ? Can't some one do the math ? I consider this reckless conduct by the B O S, allowing a small vocal minority to have all the public paid percs they want. Sure, it was voted at Town Meeting...everything is approved at town meeting, like diarrhea thru a tin horn...... This is classic Moult " sneek it thru ". Just $ 15,000 to start....I was hoping that left with the last T A.