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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Selectmen HIghlights October 8th 2015

  • The Trustees of the Trust Fund made a request of the BoS to reconsider our decision of a few months ago to not involve a selectmen, Jean Beadle, in the selection of the overall investment strategy of the Trust Funds. We felt that the legal separation of the BoS and the Trustees is there for a reason, and thought it best to not reverse our prior decision. 
  • TA Walter Johnson, reviewed the Department head goals n conjunction with the BoS goals and recommended that the BoS host an all staff meeting in late 2015 or early 2016, to articulate the vision and goals we have developed.
  • The 2015 budget review was deferred to next Thursday, as answers to BoS inquiries are further researched. 
  • The BoS waived the tax deed for a property ( Map 170 Lot 017 the former " Thriftmat Laundromat) due to environmental concerns that could subject the town to liability as an owner of this property under the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act. 
  • Michael Kepple was hired as the DPW Facility Team Leader replacing Andy Daigneau who recently resigned. 
  • A citizen question regarding Metrocast servicing customers in Moultonboro was referred to our cable contract attorney, Mark Puffer.
  • I raised a concern in noting in the ABC minutes of  September 15th, wherein the ABC has recommended that a language course be dropped due to declining enrollment and lack of students to justify three languages. My objection was not a swipe at the ABC as a whole, but only that curriculum decisions are outside the scope of the ABC. 
  • Suissevale Property Owners Associations rejected our offer to swap two tax deeded properties in exchange for another that would enhance the States Landing project. 
  • Carroll County has set the final tax rate and we now await NH DRA setting the final 2015 tax rate.
  • The Town Hall flooring will be replaced at no charge to the Town due to a defect that cannot be repaired. The color will be a bit less bold. 

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