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Monday, November 30, 2015

Carroll County Commissioner's Proposed 2016 Budget

Thank you to Rep. Glenn Cordelli for sending these documents for the  public to review well in advance of the public hearing December 7th.

Commissioner's 2016 Proposed General Fund Expenses

Commissioner's Proposed 2016 MVC Nursing Homes Expenses

Commissioner's Proposed 2016 Revenues


Fred Van Magness said...

Thanks to Rep. Cordelli for providing the data. As i said in a previous post, it was not online until after the time of my blog post. So now we have it. I have briefly looked at the details.....which I find very difficult to follow. First, there is no Executive Summary, which , if provided, would have shown the REVISED numbers with the extra $900,000 supplemental appropriation included, except on the MS46. It appears this is not included in the 2015 Budget number details. Second, there are numerous rearrangements of expenses moved from one place to another. While this is something that can happen with changes in Administration, it makes analyzing budgets very difficult, as prior numbers include the amount for items moved elsewhere, while the current budget numbers show $0. A better presentation would have had a bottom line memo adjustment to remove all the prior year numbers for line items moved elsewhere. Showing departments with wild swings on the bottom line while the changes are primarily due to moves of current year budget numbers to other departments just tends to confuse and distract. Once each departments numbers had been normalized for the account movements, then a clear executive summary with totals for each department could have been produced. The next step would have been for an explanation of the key drivers for increases and decreases within the numbers. It does appear that the numbers could show essentially a wash with the 2015 initial taxes PLUS the extra supplemental of $900,000. But maybe Rep. Cordelli can confirm this. It would be a help to start with. Again, a big thanks to Rep. Cordelli for getting the county to post the numbers on line after I had found them missing.

Joseph Cormier said...

Yes, thank you Rep. Cordelli!

2016 2015 2014
Total Appropriations $30,727,394 $28,469,409 $27,913,598
Estimated revenues $12,259,444 $13,245,635 $13,578,678
Tax $18,467,950 $15,223,774 $14,334,920

MoBo’s Proportion to County tax is 21.9793%

So what's @ $4 million or so to MoBo.

Fred Van Magness said...

There seems to be a need to explain the increases in Salary accounts from the 10/15/YTD actuals to the proposed 2016, especially 100.4103.009,100.4104.009, 100.4110.008, 100-4120.009, 100.4140.007, 100.4142.006, 100.4193.009, 100.6100.007, 100.6100.008, and 100-6100.009. There seems to be some large increases from the YTD numbers to the 2016 proposed. Hard to understand. Consolidating the budget by major expense category on a macro basis helps to understand where all the differences are....and I did not see such an analysis.

Also, there is no Executive Summary of overall budget assumptions for major expense sections. Plus, where is the schedule of actual employees on payroll as of 10/2015 and the proposed numbers for 2016.