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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dollar General Site Plan Approved: A Lesson Learned

I was not there and unfortunately the video stream ended at 10:30pm before the final vote, but from the chatter in cyberspace, it appears that the Planning Board approved the sub division application for Tevis Kraft and then the site plan for Zaremba's proposed Dollar General store.
A petition was presented to the board to stop the Dollar Store, but as I expected, it was not accepted as part of the testimony during the hearing.
There is a lesson to be learned here, one I have written and spoken about many, many times: get involved. All those that fought against this project fought a losing battle because they did not know how to win. I'm not being critical of the individual's because I have done the same thing in the past. And then I learned how to play the game and got myself involved.
 PB Chair Scott Bartlett was spot on in his statement that the PB must rule on submissions on the basis of current rules and ordinances. Remember, Zaremba got to the Planning Board after one successful lawsuit already. PB member and long time selectmen Ed Charest made the point that property owners have the right to use their property as they see fit within the rules and regulations. Excellent points.
This is prime time in our town for making changes to zoning. The Master Plan is well under way. Meetings are happening about the future and how we should grow Moultonboro and what it should look  like when it does. Where were the petitioners over the past two years during the speak out sessions and public meetings?
Anyone can place an article to amend a zoning ordinance on the ballot if they get 25 signatures of registered voters.  There will also be many opportunities to have your voice heard on these matters in these next few months. Get you butts in the seats and raise your hands to speak. Its as simple as that.


Anonymous said...

I had to chuckle when I heard comments from the audience with regards to how the proposed Dollar General store building and signage should conform to the existing “Moultonborough Village look” with tasteful signage; no outside storage of sale items; no window advertisements; dormers on the buildings; and even a suggestion for a barn door.

Just for fun, I looked on Google maps to see how one would view Moultonborough Village from Route 25. Here’s what I saw (starting just before Moulton Drive and heading east, ending at Route 109):

- Just before Moulton Drive: Moveable weathered wooden trailer with signage for Book signing at Bald Peak.

- Randall driveway (north side of Route 25): Freestanding sign with firewood for sale and piles of wood.

- Murphys’ Village Store: Freestanding swinging sign for water ice, signage on building flanked with Coca-cola and Dasani emblems; advertisement signs stuck on all front-facing windows; outside bins for firewood sales; outside ice chest; billboard behind gas pumps; and no front-facing dormers or barn doors on buildings.

- Moultonborough Self-Storage: Huge billboard sign in addition to self storage sign.

- Mexican Restaurant: Assorted outdoor displays of cacti and other Mexican-themed displays

- Viking Tire: Large billboard advertisement for Melvin Village Marina

- Southeast Corner of Route 109 and Route 25: Large banner hanging on chain link fence noting school bus drivers wanted.

I found that this was an interesting exercise in seeing what the existing “Moultonborough Village look” actually is.

Anonymous said...

Now I know the problem with your visual tour.... you forgot your rose colored glasses !!!!

Anonymous said...

anon at 3:53pm- what are you talking about? the comment previous was very accurate.

Anon said...

No more zoning changes.
Just because you don't like Dollar General stores !
Don't throw the baby out with the bath water.
Folks. Note every commercial establishment is going to be a 200 year old Country Store or a fancy extremely expensive Cruz Con.
The world does not work that way.
What if Joe or Jane the plumber wants to build an office on Route 25?
(assuming Joe or Jane is not one of the 'good old boys')
More zoning rules are going to squash attempts for these or any new businesses.
Please, no more zoning rules just because you don't like Dollar General.
A mandated architectural approval by the Planning Board is a dumb idea and will squash any new businesses attempting to reside in Moultonborough.
We have too many zoning and planning rules now.
Stop government control of every aspect of our lives.
We have too much government now. Enough is enough.

Katherine Dunn said...

Dear Citizenry,
Anyone been to the Louvre Museum?
Two completely different architectures.
If the town fathers wish to take total control of all architecture designs on Route 25 we will all lose innovation and progress.
Leaving architecture design to a few locals with absolute control is not a good idea. This is the 212t Century.
Yes, as stated above, total control will stifle innovation.
When Gustave Eiffel built the Eiffel Tower there was outrage by the locals. An awful terrible looking structure.
And some here wish to leave absolute architecture to a few local politicians?
Moultonborough will never be what it was in 1850 nor 1950.
Let's not let a few bureaucrats mandate architecture.

For rational Development said...

I find it interesting that the Board totally ignored the issue of no left turn lane and safety issue at the intersection Blake and Rte 25. This would have been a reason to turn down the applicant as there will definitely be more traffic, accidents and perhaps injuries of individuals trying to access the store, the Academy and the elementary school, which are all within a few feet of each other.

Shame on the Planning Board

Joseph Cormier said...

"... that the Board totally ignored the issue of no left turn lane and safety issue ... "

"Conclusions and Suggestions

Several conclusions may be drawn from review of the statutes, rules and cases, and certain recommendations suggest themselves:

First and foremost, a land use board that seeks to rely on the knowledge and experience of its members in a contested case will be successful only to the extent that members can articulate that knowledge during the public hearing and deliberations and in the written decision. If the board wishes to take notice of a certain relevant fact, a member must state the fact, the basis of the member’s knowledge and the relevance of the fact to an issue in the application."

"When faced with expert opinions from the applicant’s consultants, a land use board obviously has greater discretion (and often greater assurance that it has the full picture) when there are other expert opinions on the issues. This occurs when opponents organize to hire their own consultants. Of course, this does not always happen, and then the only way for a board to obtain a second opinion is to hire an independent consultant. RSA 673:16 allows all land use boards to hire consultants if funds are available. But only the planning board has the express statutory authority to pass the cost on to the applicant under RSA 676:4, I (g), for subdivisions, and RSA 674:44, V, for site plans."

Otherwise ... more than likely, lose in Court!


Terence C. Jatko said...

Another non-issue. I'm reminded of the needless circus created over the "Cup and Crumb". The poor business owners were subjected to frivolous litigation and it took them over a year to get the business going. As usual, all the gloom-and-doom predictions never happened. The only unsightly mess around there I see is the wooden fence and the awful traffic cones across the street that seem to be permanent fixtures.

Eric Taussig said...

Of course, the Board could have requested an independent traffic study to determine the need for a left turn lane or the need to possibly regulate certain turning, etc., as a condition for approval.

Name Withheld said...

How about a separate turn lane for Fox Hollow?
Oh wait, that study has already been done.
And after millions of dollars - nothing but new pavement.
Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Mr. Jatko has not observed the commercial carnival atmosphere of morning Cup & Crumb chaos with haphazard parking by trucks and landscaping contractor trailers all over the place, disturbing the residential neighbors. That facility belonged in the Village not in the middle of a rural residential zone. Frankly, i find it sad that the neighbors didn't appeal the stupid decision of the Carrol County Court to the Supreme Court to reverse or at least delay the operation for another year or two.