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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Have we had a conversation about the future?

We sure have, and it is ongoing:
  • The Lakes Region Plan ( 2015-2020) is reviewed and rewritten every five years, as they are for all the regional planning commissions in NH.  As part of the NH Listens/Granite State Future program that began in 2012, community discussions occurred in all the listening sessions, comments were received in the comment boxes in all 30 member communities, community of place meetings were held as were community of interest meetings. There were 20 or so focus groups, UNH surveys and  more, for the purpose of composing this 5 year plan. The LRPC also reviewed the Master Plans in the member communities as well as many other planning documents and data from other sources, before the LRPC Commissioners approved the document. It was not created in a vacuum.
  • The school district has engaged consultants to perform an independent study of demographic needs for the K-12 student population. Two public forums have been held to date.
  • The Planning Board and School District continue to work on strategic and master plans. 
  • The BoS have developed a vision for the future.
  • The School Board and BoS have a subcommittee working on common interests and are now focusing on joint marketing and a marketing plan for the future.
  • The BoS have invited the Laconia Area Land Trust to speak with us about ideas for affordable housing next week. 
  • We are working with the Planning Board to seek innovative ways to attract families and businesses.  
The conversations will continue.

The Lakes Region Plan was completed and filed with the NH OEP and remains a valuable planning resources for all member towns and cities. What is unfortunate is that some may have not fully participated in the Granite State Future process due to concerns that  our participation would lead to loss of local control. Also unfortunate is that words like " sustainability" and " regionalization" have been hijacked and forced out of any meaningful conversation.These are not just buzz words or "planner speak."  We have got to participate in a regional approach to problem solving and create viable, long lasting  solutions,
The news found in all these " conversations"and reports has more positives than negatives. Many more actually.
Lets not be afraid of what the future may hold and get stuck in the false belief that we can do nothing to help create it.


Joseph Cormier said...

The last entry of the plan, Lakes Region Plan Update Presentation (March 31, 2014)


... a Power Point Presentation, encapsulates it all.

Some of us will agree, some of us will disagree, with some of it, not all of it, parts of it.

Some will say most is already known, intuitively.

But the LRPC does provides data to intuition. The information is pertinent, but not only to the Lakes Region.

Maybe local decisions can be made by the input of local decision makers. Decision makers should not be confused with voters. Voters are the ultimate decision makers, but local decision makers are the multitude of committees and boards that are elected or appointed. Sometimes, the same faces on these boards and committees dilute the credibility of the propositions presented.

MoBo has had many of these conversations.

I can remember my stint in the trucking industry. You couldn't get three OTR truck drivers, to agree on how to get out of the parking lot! They could care less, if you had an MBA with years of experience or not , (yes, I still have my CDL-A with endorsements).

As blogger says: "Lets not be afraid of what the future may hold and get stuck in the false belief that we can do nothing to help create it."

Some of us are not afraid of the future. Some of us believe MoBo, and all towns, will adapt to the future ... for good or bad ... some participating by design, others by default.

Primum non nocere ... is a Latin phrase that means "first, do no harm".

Anonymous said...

Moultonborough does reach out to other communities. Even more cooperation and sharing of services and facilities between communities would be appreciated and beneficial.

Due to the low number of students interested in football and Lacrosse Moultonborough has an agreement with Inter-Lakes High School. The Rec. Dept. runs a senior pickleball program jointly with Meredith and sponsors bus trips with other communities. The Fire and emergency aid department participate with surrounding towns. Because of low participation numbers the Visiting Nurse Assc. is now part of Meredith's.

These joint efforts benefit and also save Moultonborough residents tax dollars which is a good thing, especially in this down economy. Aren't these kinds of shared activities considered "regionalization?"

Town Hall Junkie said...

Lest you forget, the Granite State Future package led directly to Federal HUD monies, and HUD control....

Moultonboro Blogger said...

None of which has proven to be true. All the Granite State Future project led to was the Lakes Region Plan, which as I stated in the post, is nothing more than a resource.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Wright said
The Lakes Region Planning Commission, one of nine in the State, worked closely with Granite State Future to produce their final report. GSF is an organization aligned with big government.

In 2012-13 GSF traveled the State making presentations to local town Board of Selectmen and Planning Boards, soft selling the big government program. Although not overtly mentioned in the presentation was HUD. HUD, would be the vehicle used to finance workforce housing and other low income housing in local towns. Beware of strings!

In the youtube video, link below, Ken Eyring, gives a short presentation, to the Atkinson Board of Selectmen, cautioning them to read and understand the hundreds of documents before committing to the Granite State Future's program.

Ken connects the dots between Granite State Future, the nine NH Planning Commissions, Regionalization and big government.

Ken presently serves at Chairman of the Windham NH School Board.


The Lakes Region Planning Commission worked closely with Granite State Future to produce their final report. Follow the link from GSF's website to the Lakes Region Planning Commissions report.


Moultonboro Blogger said...

It is extremely important to separate funding of an advisory report process, such as the Granite State Future , and the actual acceptance of HUD/Federal funding for any member town or city to actually fund a project. I am not in favor of the town seeking any Federal funding for any projects the community undertakes. Those are two very distinct and separate issues though.
As I wrote, the Lakes Region Plan developed through the Granite State Future project, is no more than an advisory report which can be used as a planning tool and resource. We are not obligated to do anything in the report. None of the 30 LRPC member communities are either. We are looking at a number of the report recommendations, but we are not in any way beholden to any government agency. The Lakes Region Plan has zero strings attached. I would challenge anyone to find a single example of where the Lakes Region Plan led us to accept any federal monies or HUD control. Let’s just accept the body of work for what it is: a local planning document that is a valuable resource.

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder why federal monies and possible HUD "control", which really are standards that communities have to meet are so poisonous to Moultonborough. Why not get back some of our federal taxes instead of letting them go to another town or state????

Anonymous said...

Once you accept money from one of the largest inept federal agencies you are obligated to follow their rules, you lose control of your town. Having worked with state government and working closing with HUD I saw this. Few years ago the town's people were asked what they wanted their town to be, this wasn't the direction the people in Moultonboro wanted to go, why are our selectmen taking us in this direction?

Anonymous said...

Oh sure.. look who is drinking the koolaid!

School consultants are the most dangerous, because it is they who spread wacky theories about teaching which are then imposed upon the schools, not for the good.

There were listening sessions where less than .01% of the population attended.

Your advisory committees are not made up of any elected officials but instead, crony appointees who get paid with YOUR TAX DOLLARS, and who are driven by the agenda of a private foundation from UNH. Therefore they have no right to tell Moltonborough what to do. Millions of your tax dollars are going to pay these people to "advise" towns with the intent to try to see through all the projects recommended.

Nobody wants their town to be urbanized just for the sake of it. If by chance some big company moved in, and you suddenly needed housing for all their workers, I am sure you could find builders to do the job in the free-market environment. You do not need to give you back your tax dollars taken from you illegally in the first place to force you to try to create an environment where you attract people while at the same time there may not be jobs for these people. All you would be doing in this case is attracting the riffraff which would dilute the community with a certain element that I'm sure you won't find desirable. Just look at what happened to North Conway.

But this is the goal of HUD. And it is being imposed by the “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” Act. The only reason you need 'affordable housing' is to move Section 8 people into your upscale areas to 'equalize'.


On top of it they're talking about trains to bring people up from Massachusetts --- are you people crazy?

The government should not be in the position of 'creating' jobs or dictating where people can live..

The BoS have developed a "vision" but it's not that of your voters.

Smarten up people!


Moultonboro Blogger said...

Wow. It is difficult to have a serious conversation on this topic if you continue to ignore the truth. No one is imposing ANYTHING on Moultonboro. We have accepted ZERO dollars from any federal agency. The LRPC has ZERO influence in our town. I would strongly disagree that the vision for our town is not that of our voters. You are doing a great disservice to the many fine volunteers who work long hours for nothing to improve our town by insinuating that we are not working on behalf of its citizens. I would suggest you attend meetings in town and find out what is really going on..

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Another wow. We are not taking us in this direction. Ge the facts straight.

Grateful Taxpayer said...

Well Mr. Blogger, you have really opened up a can of worms this time! The paranoia out there is palpable, You are doing a fine job telling us the facts. Do not be discouraged. Thankfully, the vast majority of our residents are truth seekers and make up their own minds on issues and are not swayed by in your face scare rhetoric. Thank you for all you do for our town and to all the selectmen and volunteers.

Anonymous said...

More jobs, economy improving under Obama: http://money.cnn.com/2015/11/06/news/economy/jobs-report-october/index.html

Joseph Cormier said...

Conversations ...YES ...

about the Lakes Region ... about the MoBo school system ... multiple visions, some cross-eyed, some blurred, most partisan, but why not!

Why are idiotic statements from CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and the rest of biased sources, infused into local issues? Why not research their sources ... if you can, and put those on the blog, instead of repeating propaganda.

Any little bit of data can be used as evidence, or misinformation.

Blogger posts sources for your read and take. Blogger posts opposing viewpoints, which is admirable. Blogger allows for discourse ... like this rant I'm on. I don't agree with blogger on all of his positions, nor would he expect me to. The common courtesy is to address the topic at hand.

I'm at fault for having a persona that has a low tolerance for lemming food, no matter which trough it's coming from ... left or right.

Why not stick to the documents provided and tear those apart ... could be fun. Quoting some paid-for lackey, who is quoting some other paid-for lackey, so one can lie and the other swears to it, is tiresome.

There, I feel better!
... and I never called anyone a moron either!

Anonymous said...

Big deal more low paying service jobs. You call that progress? All this administraton has done is lower living standards and our kids expectations for the future. It's the younger generation that will bear the brunt of 7 years of Obama's Socialist experiment. So much for hope & change!

Anonymous said...

maybe you should read the article?

Anonymous said...

A single month does not change the facts of life. It's important to put the Oct. job numbers into context. The average job growth per month for 2014 was 260,000. The average job growth per month for 2015 is 208,000.


Anonymous said...

anon @ 4:13 ..... I take it you just don't like Obama no matter what he does. no new jobs so he isn't creating new jobs. New jobs numbers up but they are too low paying for you. I didn't know he had the ability to create jobs or control pay other than offering incentives or stimuli. FDR did that during the depression but I don't think it has been done since. You're not curmudgeon by any chance, are you?

Anonymous said...

About the school population –

The school board doesn’t seem to understand that the school exists to teach the children in town. The children don’t exist to create jobs for the school personnel.

It seems to me that we have a situation where the tail is wagging the dog not the dog is wagging the tail.

Anonymous said...

You just don't like it because these happy developments for the American people are a problem for the Republican Party . Obama, it turns out, has now created six times as many jobs as Jeb's brother George W. did in eight years in office. The private sector actually lost 463,000 jobs under George W. Bush. In contrast, Obama has presided over 63 straight months of private sector job creation, 8.3 million in all. Under small government Republican George W. Bush, the public sector at all levels grew by 1.7 million workers. In contrast, federal, state and local governments have shed 638,000 jobs since Barack Obama first took the oath of office.Democrats saved the economy; Republicans tried to kill it. And as the job numbers continue to show, The economy almost always does better when a Democrat is in the White House. Yes, it really is change you can believe in!

Anonymous said...

Marco Rubio, the Republican Obama will be one of the worst choices for the GOP. Thank you Tea Party!!!

Anonymous said...

He may be, but the party is divided. In NH, Kelley Ayotte isn't conservative enough ( or some say) so Bill O'Brien is seeking an alternative to run against her in the primary which may hand the election to Hassan.