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Monday, November 16, 2015

Selectmen Highlights November 13th 2015

  • The Laconia Area Community Land Trust (LACLT), represented by Francis Strayer ( Board Member) and Linda Harvey, the Executive Director. The LACLT started in Laconia with very small projects and single units and today , 20 years later, they have developed many properties, both large and small in the greater Lakes Region. (The history of their projects can be found here. ) In most cases, the LACLT owns and manages the properties and the rental units rent is permanently controlled.A large chunk of the workforce cannot afford to pay market rent and the rents are based upon a formula that assures permanent affordability. While they are a tax exempt organization, they pay their full share of property taxes.  Over the years they have helped 311 home buyers, and developed 272 units ( 247 owned and managed.) Their projects range from new construction to adaptive reuse and they remain open to just about any concept to create affordable housing or just assist in helping towns do the same.
  • Town Planner Bruce Woodruff and Planning Board Chair Scott Bartlett, presented an update entitled “Planning for Appropriate Housing and Commercial Growth  To sustain our Community while maintaining unique character.” The presentation included a review of the planning done to date as well as the various focus groups and surveys. The character of our Town is viewed differently by different types of residents, but the common ground is to maintain the rural & unique character of Moultonboro: Managed growth, attractive to developers with a similar mindset, attractive to appropriate businesses in appropriate places, low taxes and attract services for seniors to age in place within the community. To accomplish these things will require, among other things, a Master Plan, incentivize specific types of development, business and appropriate sized housing for seniors and those that want to live close to where they work. Zoning will play a key role in this process and the concept of “ nodal” zoning was discussed as well as allowing higher density housing in some areas and form based code in other specific areas. The timing of all this is to have a Master Plan ready for vote at 2016 Town Meeting and then propose zoning changes in 2016 and vote on them in 2017. 
  • Energy upgrades were approved for the Recreation Building. The windows are in need of replacement as many are single pane and as evidenced by a 2009 report by Infrared Analyzers, Inc, the windows and front door had the greatest heat loss. The front door will be replaced by the DPW. The window replacement contract was  awarded to Granite State Glass for $6,999. These funds were approved at Town Meeting and are in the operating budget for 2015. 
  • The School Board would prefer not to use the MA GYM for voting in the general election next November, as it will require closing school that day. Voting will continue in the Life Safety Building.
  • The BoS /ABC budget work session for 12/11 will be moved to the next week, December 18th as an add on to that days schedule. It is anticipated that the meeting on12/18 will extend into the afternoon. 


Anonymous said...

The School Board would prefer voting not take place in the MA gym? Of course not because they would prefer taxpayers cough up the dough for a new gym and community center. Presidential elections take place once every 4 years. The School Board isn't capable of planning and setting aside the MA gym 1 day every 4 years for a Presidential election? Pathetic.

Joseph Cormier said...

Well written recap of the land use discussion!

And added comment might be, there was discussion in the master plan presentation regarding present ordinances.

We already have a master plan that can be amended, and we already have ordinances that can be changed without waiting for the legislative body to approve an updated master plan. Any changes can be incorporated to the amended master plan ... if it doesn't get rejected.

Maybe a planning board forum on other zoning techniques could/may be had in the future. Elections aren't that far off. Maybe "Spot Zoning" or "Performance Zoning/Flexible Zoning" could be discussed, as well.



Nonetheless, ordinances should help the town ... not hinder it!

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:26am, your conclusion that the school would rather not use the gym for voting because they would "prefer taxpayers cough up the dough for a new gym and community center" is a non sequitur. No one besides yourself believes that and I wonder your motives to write such an outrageous comment.

Grumpy said...

Gee, I must be part of that non sequitur group. Considering the school board dumped the joint sub-committee without even informing the BoS members and they have been less than caring about the absurd cost per student of a mediocre education (one town - one tax) in Mboro... I had the same thought as I read the Blog. To the Anon at 9:26... spot on. An obvious conclusion! To the Anon at 8:22... You must be on the payroll. Typical; blame the commenter rather than the perp.
I have voted many times in that gym while school was in session with little disruption. I might add that there were likely more students in the school at that time. This is pure and simple a mendacious effort to tell the voter "Get Out".

Anonymous said...

Sorry Grumpy, 2+2 does not equal five. Use of the gym for one school day is the issue, not a conspiracy to build a new gym.

Anonymous said...

Yep... on the payroll

Anonymous said...

no, not on the payroll. some of you see a conspiracy in every sentence tossed out, but I prefer reality, truth and honesty and to use my tin foil on food and not on my head.

Anonymous said...

Please pull in to the school parking lot after 9:30 and see how little parking is available. Where would everyone park if school was in session? Should the school close for voting?

Anonymous said...

Here's a concept ask students to either take the bus, ask parents to drive them or car pool that day. With a little cooperation it's doable.

If it ain't broke don't fix it! said...

Is there an issue with continuing to use the Life Safety Building for voting?

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Nothing wrong with the Life Safety Bldg. I only suggested the gym for the large expected turnout in the Presidential election.

Joseph Cormier said...

If SB-2 were on the ballot!


"200 of 'em" ... could this be a MoBo annual town meeting?