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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Thinking About Running? Petitioned Warrant Articles?

Believe it or not, we are just a few months away from the next local election cycle. The filing period for local office is from : January 20-January 29.  Any candidate filing on last day must file in person. Clerks must be available between 3p.m. and 5 p.m. on last day of filing period.
There are two seats up on the School Board and one on the BoS. In addition, there are two seats up on the Planning Board, one on the Zoning Board,  three on the Library Trustees,  one seat on the Trustees of the Trust Funds , one Supervisor of the Checklist and finally, Town Moderator.

The Town Meeting timeline from the NH DRA notes among other things, that the last day to file a petitioned warrant article is February 2nd, 2016. Town Meeting this year is March 12th and March 8th is ballot day.


Anonymous said...

Despite declining school enrollment and an overall declining and aging population, some of the Selectmen are determined to bring a warrant article, for a new gym/community center, to the March Town Meeting? That aside, I'd like to hear more about plans for the Troop E building the Methodist Church recently purchased. It was mentioned during Thursdays BoS workshop, minutes below.


Moultonboro Blogger said...

Also stated at the BoS meeting was that the we are obligated to follow the will of the legislative body who told the BoS clearly in 2013 to pursue development of such a facility and 2014 to pursue and fund a site study. In terms of the Troop E building, I suggest you contact the Methodist Church as they own the property.

?? said...

Nothing to do with the nature of the post or running for office.

Anonymous said...

We need to pay close attention to all offices local and national and turn away from extremism. If we are not careful, the free staters will be making the rules and you don't get any more extreme than that group.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Wright said,
The legislative body was not fully informed in 2013-14 the extent of the economic problems facing Moultonborough, the Lakes Region and NH. Since the 2015 Town Meeting new demographic information is available in Dr. Joyce's Report for the Moultonborough School District. School enrollment is projected to decline through 2020.


The Lakes Region Plan 2015-2020, also projects slow growth for the next 25 years 2015-2040. Projections indicate the population will grow very slowly with an annual increase of 0.4% and a steady rise in the average age of the population. This trend will make NH one of three states with the oldest population in the nation followed by Maine and Vermont.

"An aging population brings an increase in the demand for healthcare, personal care, and other services related to home maintenance." Instead of a warrant article for a new facility perhaps what's needed are some frank community discussions on how the town intends to handle some of these issues.


Joseph Cormier said...

Demographics, will only count at "the vote" at town meetings! School, and municipal warrants, are decided by the legislative body ... surprise!

Get 25 voters to petition for reconsideration of past warrant approvals, and see if town legislative body has learnt more! Petition to put the funds into the general fund, if the governing body has not “committed". Go to # 12 and #13 of the following link.

“12. The Actions of One Town Meeting are not Binding on Later Town Meetings.”

“13. A Vote to Go Into Debt (Issue Bonds or Notes) Must Pass by a 2/3 Ballot Vote.”


Go to the town report booklet, and read the additional commentary, on the Article on question, that’s in the publication.

Annual report 2013 publication (booklet, not town website)

2013 Warant
Article 10 “… pursue development of a facility that includes an indoor gymnasium, Recreation Department office, program and storage space that would be on existing school land or property adjacent to school facilities.

Article 11 “… raise and appropriate the sum of Fifteen Thousand dollars ($15,000) with which to undertake the initial phase of a preliminary site assessment …”

2014 Warrant
Article 7 $275,000 for Adele property.
Article 13 $17,500 for the site study
Article 27 $590,000 sidewalks, defeated by 101 Yay-101 Nay vote

2015 Warrant
Article 8 endorse Village Vision Committee report of 1/28/2015 for redevelopment of MoBo

Article 30 $85,000 for sidewalk ; legally questionable non-lapsing

Make the case, and let the 200-300 “townies” decide/reconsider at the annual town meeting. You can do this every year.

Don't blame me, I couldn't get 25 petitioners for SB-2!
It's OK though. My taxes won't be raised more than yours.