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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Some Reminders

Some of this is a repeat, but here is what we have so far as we count down to ballot day ( March 8th) and Town and School District meeting ( March 12th). 
  • The BoS will meet this Wednesday evening at 7pm in a regular business meeting.
  • The BoS and School board will meet jointly at Town Hall on January 7th at 7pm before our regular business meeting. At least two items on the agenda, marketing and the future of the joint School Board. BoS subcommittee. 
  • The BoS will hold a budget session Friday January 8th to maybe wrap up the budget and warrant. We are also scheduled for January 22nd for a budget meeting in case we don't.
  • No dates have been set yet for budget/warrant hearing.
  • The School Board will meet January 12th and the next budget version is expected to be discussed. Here is the 2016-17 School Budget Draft 1.
The filing period for local office is from : January 20-January 29.  Any candidate filing on last day must file in person. 
  • There are two seats up on the School Board 
  • One seat on the BoS. 
  • In addition, there are two seats up on the Planning Board, 
  • One on the Zoning Board,  
  • Three on the Library Trustees,  
  • One seat on the Trustees of the Trust Funds , 
  • One Supervisor of the Checklist 
  • and finally, Town Moderator.
The Town Meeting timeline from the NH DRA notes among other things: 

  • The last day to file a petitioned warrant article is February 2nd, 2016. 
  • The last day to hold at least one budget hearing is February 12th.
  • February 15th is the last day to post notice of a bond hearing 
  • February 22nd is the last day to hold a bond hearing. 
  •  March 8th is ballot day
  • Town Meeting/School District Annual Meeting this year is March 12th

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