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Thursday, December 10, 2015

States Landing Design Elements Prioritized

The first of two States Landing workshops was held last evening prior to the Planning Board meeting. It was well attended by the public and various boards. The purpose of the workshop as per the Town Planner:
"Workshop 1 will review the changes made to the concept plan that have removed park elements from the wetland buffers and reduced the number of some of these elements. Your work will be to identify which elements of the plan are priorities and which are not, to consider phasing and costs and develop a plan that incorporates those changes."
The picture below is a conceptual view of the area and the participants were asked over the hour meeting to prioritize the design elements.

There are five major foundational  projects and seven that could be called park elements. What should come first and then what is the sequence for the remaining pieces took a bit of discussion and back and forth, but in the end we came to a conclusion.
The top priority was erosion control with creation of a number of rain gardens which would capture surface water runoff and prevent it from going into the lake. Protecting the lake is job one.
 The next priority was determined to be dredging for the beach and boat dock area. The rationale was that if we build it, people will come and use it. Without the beach improvements, it will remain underutilized. A concern that was expressed was that dredging will b expensive, $300K plus, but how long will will it last?
The next priority was road  and parking improvements followed by launch ramp improvements. The roadway , States Landing Road,  has about 5-6 inches of asphalt and that section will need to be ground up and rebuilt.
All the park elements would be in the final phase of the project and include a sand volleyball court, horseshoe pits, foot paths, children play areas, a small shelter, picnic tables and BBQ stations.
The date for the second workshop will most likely be in January.

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