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Alexander Hamilton

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Village Starting to Look a Little Better

The recent sale of the two properties next to the Old Country and the clean up of both have made a marked improvement in my opinion to that section of the Village. I have no idea what the new owners plan to do with the buildings, but at least they looked " lived in" and not abandoned.

Adding to the Village improvement will be the 2nd Annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony ( and yes, unlike Marlborough NH, we will still call it a Christmas tree)  on December 5th at 5:30pm. More information can be found here on the Town website.

 More positive news from the Town Administrators weekly report: "I met with a representative of NH DRED (Department of Resources and Economic Development), WEDCO (Wentworth Economic Development Corporation) and owners of a local manufacturing business to talk about their plans for possible expansion in Moultonborough. This could be an excellent opportunity for the creation of quality jobs in Town. "

There will be a States Landing Beach, Boat Ramp & Park DesignWorkshop 1 on December 9th to work with the Planning Board  "..to identify which elements of the plan are priorities and which are not, to consider phasing and costs and develop a plan that incorporates those changes."

Despite the doom and gloom crowd, positive things are happening around town and there are many, many good people of all ages making it happen. Moultonboro has enormous potential and a great many who care about its future. We may not always agree on what that is or how to get there, but we are going there anyway.


Town Hall Junkie said...

I would like to offer my thanks to the long time local owner of the Two " down town " buildings that were just sold... He was very patient with all who came to see him with reccomendations about what he should do with his property. So many that like to spend O P M. As we approach our long dismal winter season, we can hope for some good rumors about new proposed uses...perhaps an adult book and toy store, or a medical marajuna dispensary. Public planning zoning meetings, and petitions and perhaps a protest march will help shorten the winter. Good thing we are doing away with property rights.....

Moultonboro Blogger said...

What specifically do you mean by " doing away with property rights?"

Joseph Cormier said...

"... we can hope for some good rumors about new proposed uses...perhaps an adult book and toy store, or a medical marajuna dispensary. Public planning zoning meetings, and petitions and perhaps a protest march will help shorten the winter."

European style cafes would be nice! When the community center gets built, we could walk across the street and enjoy some lattes! If not European style, maybe internet cafes, or both, and then a petition for free laptops, smart phones, and Wi-Fi!

If the final approval for the community center has all that rec. space, maybe the present rec. center can be turned into a massage parlor. It should be warm, after spending a sum of money (?) to replace the windows.

MoBo "Village" could use a makeover, however.

The west end of town could be developed, if the mindset and zoning came of age (what age?); see property rights.

Anonymous said...

Drove through the village today. Looking so much better.

For Rational Development said...

Joe's comment about a European style cafe brings me back to irrational zoning and planning. As an old timer, I recall the Village Kitchen (VK) in the Village area where the catering place is now located, together with a gas station. But instead of rebuilding, the zoning allowed for the VK to move a mile east of the Village isn a rural area - which made no sense. Then we had the debacle of the Cup & Crumb, which went through a multi year zoning/planning fight, thanks to ineptness of the Zoning Board's 3 to 2 decision allowing a special exception and a restaurant with totally inadequate parking and access, because of too small a lot.

What is the result of these two mistakes: Cup & Crumb has a huge parking issue; bothering neighbors and creating a safety hazard. The VK has constant turning in and out on a main road with high speed traffic and similar safety issues and quite a few accidents.

The village has the catering place, that is underused and we have no European style cafe as Joe suggests, with little likelihood of such a facility.

Thank you Zoning and Planning Boards for failing us.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

For Rational- I think you are being unfair to the members of the Zoning and Planning Boards. All zoning ordinances are approved by voters at the ballot box. If you have a beef with the ordinances, blame the voters, not the hard working volunteers. How about you volunteering to sit on one of those boards?

Joseph Cormier said...

Zoning issues can be contentious, with valid points on opposing sides.

Here’s an article in today’s Conway Daily Sun (internet page 19 or page 3a) of a zoning battle in Chichester. It was in yesterday’s Concord Monitor.
Local ordinances aren’t the only “laws” that can be controversial.



Regarding the comment in the article about the U.S. Flag Code:

“The United States Flag Code establishes advisory rules for display and care of the national flag of the United States of America. It is Chapter 1 of Title 4 of the United States Code (4 U.S.C. § 1 et seq). This is a U.S. federal law, but the penalty described in Federal Law 18 USC Section 700[1] for failure to comply with it is not enforced. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in United States v. Eichman that prohibiting desecration of the U.S. flag conflicts with the First Amendment right to freedom of speech and is therefore unconstitutional.[2]


I, personally, have a strong sentiment on the legal distinction between “advisory” and “statutory” … especially with local and state law.

Maybe, Blogger is probably right about volunteering for town committees and boards. Maybe there is apathy (if there is apathy) because of the "good old boy/girl" mentality in town. Or maybe, folks are for the most part, content with the present situation.

Maybe, as long as MoBo taxes stay low (thank you lakefront, especially non-residents) let the show go on.

It should be noted that "appointed" (by whom) v. elected members are still subject to the town mafia! Come on, a little slack ... only kidding ... maybe!

Eric Taussig said...

I read the comment from "For Rational Development" and while I can't really comment on the VK issue as I was not involved in anything related to that, I can make the following comments for reader clarification regarding Cup and Crumb that likely differentiate the two establishments to respond both to For Rational Development and the Blogger.

The VK is located in a commercial zone and likely did not require any zoning exception, just Planning Board review and approval. In contrast, Cup & Crumb is in a Rural Residential Zone with one acre minimum zoning. That establishment applied both for a variance and Special Exception. It ultimately received a Special Exception from the Zoning Board by a 3 to 2 vote. As for the Planning Board, that Board approved the Plan submitted by a 4 to 2 vote.

Ultimately it is up to a Zoning Board as to whether an applicant meets the requirements for a Special Exception and the Planning Board as to whether the Plan submitted meets the legal requirements and is in the public interest. Clearly there were differences of opinion at both boards as reflected by the members votes.

Ultimately, zoning and planing does require some adherence to the various ordinances otherwise there is no need for such ordinances and regulations.

Grumpy said...

In the "Good Ol' Boy's Good Ol'Days" Mboro was all zoned, if you will, Residential/Agricultural and ANYTHING that was remotely commercial was done by special exemption. The GOB's controlled it all. So in that mentality we have the GOB network that gave us the restaurant Bucky's and the neon playground behind it that once was a bucolic horse pasture. Local GOB done good. I believe the VK was built long before the Rt 25 Commercial strip was in place. I know that Bob was looking for a long time for a property that would "work" without going out of town.
The rub comes when a commercial business wants to build in a commercial zone (Dollar Stores on the empty lot between Redding Lane and Mboro Neck Rd) and the public decides to throw up road blocks. If the town wants to have "work force housing" then let's get the stick out of our butts and not be so business unfriendly. One needs to work to be part of the "work force".
AND with all due respect for the 'volunteers' that are on the several boards and committees... some of those folks have or rather have had, their own agendas for gaining access to the GOB network. I maintain that one former selectman had his own agenda with the former TA that brought forth the PB / TA debacle.