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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Community Center Informational Sessions Scheduled

The two sessions will be held at Town Hall on Thursday January 21st  and January 28th from 6pm to 7pm. Architect Fred Matuszewski will be on hand to discuss the proposed building design and layout. The conceptual picture ( below) is a computer generated picture he had provided based upon some preliminary design concepts. No pun intended, but it is not cast in stone.
The purpose of the session is not to debate whether we should build a facility or not, but rather to provide consistent information to the public about what the project would ( could) look like and how it would fit into the village area, particularly the Town owned Taylor property.
There will be ample opportunity at the budget hearing and bond hearing and of course Town meeting, to debate the pros and cons.


Joseph Cormier said...

"... January 21st and January 28th from 6pm ..."

" ... conceptual picture ... is not cast in stone."

" ... purpose ... not to debate ... should build a facility ..."

" ... provide xxxxxxxxx information ..."

"There will be ample opportunity at the budget hearing and bond hearing and of course Town meeting, to debate the pros and cons."

The post has no mention of Recreation (thank goodness ... or badness).

Rumor has it that there may be a BoS presentation of the elusive kiddy "numbers" regarding, usage factors of school, and recreation department programs.

The BoS may take the lead on recreation numbers, and provide those numbers, since they own it. The school department numbers, whatever they are, are just that, school numbers. If the Community Center has a gym, then the BoS has its own gym to regulate, and the school has its gyms to regulate.

The legislative body has to decide on input and warrant articles from all three legal entities: Town, School, and Library and pay for them. OOOppps! Errata! The "legislative body{ is not the same as "taxpayers" ... I stand corrected ... to myself!

Personally, I'm undecided how I'll vote at town meeting. It will definitely not be because of recreation. I believe parents with kids in school will be influenced, and should be. I'm more concerned on the need for a Community Center, that is an enhancement, to the purpose of being a legal entity, to provide for the common good, that individuals cannot provide for themselves.

Here's a link of some video. It looks a little dated. It might be from Hollis's archive, before streaming. He may have captured a previous rehearsal of a couple of BoS members explaining some benefits about baseball.

It touches lightly on the town demographics; i.e., at both ends of the age spectrum.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you said this is just a conceptual picture and not cast in stone as I do not find this building very attractive.

Mt. Rattler said...

Well, look at that Beautiful Design!! It definitely gives us a nice sense of place! A Quaint New England Village! Right down the road from the Dollar General!! What are we? degenerate s?? Putting that ugly monstrosity will be an eye sore! That design is counter productive to all the hard work done by the village vision Commitee. I continually don't understand why we take one step forward and five steps backwards. Because that is exactly what we would be doing with this Village of ours. This design and building budget needs to be tabled. It's disgusting.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

The purpose of the informational sessions is to get feedback on the design and provide as much info as possible into how it came about. As I explained when this was presented, it is a concept, not the end result. I would encourage you to attend the session on 1/21 to explore the possibilities with the architect and fellow citizens and express your input into how it may better fit into the village per the Village Vision report.

Mt. Rattler said...

Thank you Mr. Blogger. I will be there.

Joseph Cormier said...

Here's another date to put your calendar.

There's been clamor for citizen participation, not just committee reports. Let's participate, exchange, compromise, ... thoughts, concepts, realities ... and understand there will be disagreement. That doesn't mean consensus is impossible for these informational meetings.

There should be an understanding that past surveys, visions, and even the Town Master Plan, current or proposed, are not legal documents, per se. They are guidance tools, only, to help the legislative body make decisions, on it how it will vote. It would be nice if those instruments were kept at home (I don't mean the voters).

The town meeting vote count, is the only thing that "counts". Pun intended!
Get enlightened, or at least in my case, get less ignorant! Attend the information meetings.

Secondly, hopefully, at the other meeting/s the budget stuff will be available on the town website before, and can be reviewed, to provide citizen input from a position of having already read the proposals.

"Proposed Community Center Bond Hearing And FY 2016 Budget Hearing
Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Moultonborough Board of Selectmen will hold a Public Bond Hearing to discuss and consider incurring indebtedness for the following purpose: The design, engineering, construction and other costs associated with the proposed construction of a new community center at 6:30 p.m.

At 7:00 p.m. a Public Hearing will be held on the FY 2016 Town and Library Operating Budget(s) as well as the proposed Capital Budget, Road Program, and various warrant articles to solicit public comment."

Moultonborough Town Hall
6 Holland Street
Moultonborough, NH 03254


Anonymous said...

I watched the BOS meeting from home. I don't know who that angry woman was with the high pitched voice, and very hard to understand, but boy oh boy was she out of line. Obviously misinformed and dead set against anything. The BoS made it clear that they were following what the Town Meeting approved but some people were downright nasty and arguing what the BoS were assigned, if you will, to do. What's with the anger here? If you don't want the building just vote no at Town Meeting. From what I know there has to be a super majority of 66% for it to be approved. Instead of vilifying the BoS for doing their job go to Town Meeting and vote against it. If you don't like the outcome perhaps it's because more people than that angry woman want it. Therefore....so be it.

Dave Rossetti said...

I'm not always the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I say go ahead and build it. Then make sure the insurance is up to date as it has been my life experience that here in central NH it tends to snow. Now I realize that this year has not yielded the same or even average snow fall , but when it does I wouldn't be anywhere near that building as the two roofs pitch to each other and will kill the occupants when not if but when it collapses under the weight of snow that could never come off the roof in the picture in this post.
Perhaps I'm looking at this all wrong. Maybe I could get a job as snow adviser for the firm that submitted this "cartoon".....

Yea, progress!

Joseph Cormier said...

"... boy oh boy was she out of line."

Based on whose standards. The BoS Chair has the authority ... and the discretion ... to keep order in the meeting. Ever see the movie where there's a scene:


If you can't tell whose voice that is, you aren't involved much, in town stuff. Or, you DO know who it is ... and you're being cute ... anonymously!

"... in central NH it tends to snow..." Yes, and in some parts of Central NH there has been/are tendencies for "snow jobs". Could explain the first quote above.

The only fact, and reality, is, the town meeting vote is determinant.

The wording of the warrant article/s is/are paramount. How will the BoS vote or instruct the Town Administrator to write the warrant article/s?

A 2/3 majority vote is for the bond article. It's not required for a vote on a Community Center. Will they be combined in one article?

A simple majority vote is all that is required, I believe, for a vote on the Community Center. A tie vote kills the article. One vote, than two votes on recount, decided a member of the Moultonborough five-member Select Board last year. For those of you that like percentages: 20% of the Select Board elected last year, was decided by one vote. An additional vote was picked up on recount. A 101 to 101 tie vote killed the sidewalk petition the previous year. That would have cost more a lot more than $1.98 (in US currency).

Will there be separate articles? Before someone asks how are we going to pay for the Community Center? There are other ways, maybe, for this town. Another subject that has legal constraints, but options.

Will there be separate articles to vote for, and in some way, (sub-committes or ?)redesign the building? Even the UNH study mentions 2018 for the build. What's the hurry on design? It's now called a Community Center, not a gym, but could include a gym. It's going to need a floor anyway. That doesn't mean the Recreation Center has to be moved into the Community Center. It's walking distance (in the rain)! A lot of taxpayer money was just spent for replacing the windows in the Rec. Center, I believe. What's the town going to do with that ... why?

In fairness to those who have put a lot of time and effort in this ... "it is not cast in stone" ... and thank you!

Maybe another lesson can be gleaned from all this chaos. Committees, work groups, sub-committees etc. should shorten their deliberations and efforts. The were not "chosen" to make decisions. Gather the info and present to the public. Do what these upcoming info meetings will, hopefully, do. The BoS can evaluate how much time is available to "hear the people". The legislative body will ultimately decide, whomever that happens to be, that is legally, at that meeting. The wordsmithing of the articles will not be simple ... or will be no brainers.

There has been no more talk about renting the Center Harbor School gym. That must be a dead issue?

I've included at the bottom of this post, some stuff from legal beagles that might be useful for town meeting.

Town meeting


Municipal Budgeting


Anonymous said...

Gee Dave-that's pretty harsh. Are you actually wishing death on the recreation department staff? I know them- they're really nice people.

Dave Rossetti said...

To annon at 12:36, your ability to recognize my secret agenda is quite amazing. I assume you will be voting for hillary. I have witnessed this type of logic in my life before. It was presented to me by the state of NH dcyf. They claimed I abused my ex-wife by buying her flowers on a weekly basis. Good luck with your career in social services. Perhaps there will be some office space available for you in the new "rec center" where the two roofs meet.

Help restore America! TRUMP for president!

Anonymous said...

"Restore America" to what? Racism, chauvinism, and war? Trump is all hot air and no substance. I see a similarity.