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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Meredith Voters to Consider Bike Week Vendor Fees

I'm not a big fan of bike week, but I do recognize that it brings in revenue to local businesses, even here in Moultonboro. Meredith is  almost ground zero for the event, and the local economy definitely benefits from the influx of bikers. The BoS in Meredith are proposing a $450 fee for vendors and a $500 per day fine for non compliance. The fees would defray the cost of providing town services such as police and fire . According to this article in the Laconia Daily Sun, " Town Manager Phil Warren said that this year expenses were $18,017, which consisted of $7,149 for police overtime, $5,868 for fire service and $5,000 in dues for the town’s membership in the Laconia Motorcycle Week Association. Revenues amounted to $660 from special use permits issued to Laconia Harley-Davidson and Hart’s Turkey Farm Restaurant at $330 apiece." Not a huge amount of money, but it does cost taxpayers to in essence, help subsidize the event. I have not seen any calculation as to the economic benefit to Meredith businesses, but I have to assume that many local businesses rely on this revenue. Meredith is in the minority in regards to not charging vendor fees, but that shouldn't be the sole driver to now do so. I view the money spent as an economic investment so that the strong local economy can remain viable. Anything that diminishes that would not be wise. 


Joseph Cormier said...

"This thread was Laconia's revenue from Bike week permits." (quote from link, not me)

Meredith charges $25 per site plan, NOT per vendor on one site! in the past, the Harley dealer along with Hart's pay for police for traffic duty. In turn, they each charge the vendors on their respective properties.... "

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Yes ... we're in 2016 ... so what's changed?


... and this other blog post started as "Laconia only nets $57k from Bike Week??" ... in 2011!

Laconia revenue (not the businesses)



With today's demographic changes, instead of worrying about wild Hell's Angels ... the worry is now wild geezers, on Harley's and Spyders!

Maybe Bike Week should be considered a self-supporting program ... as long as the MoBo BoS don't consider Bike Week "recreation". "Recreation" comes under BoS governance, not the School system (ya-ya-ya, I know).

Is the Woodshed rebuild on schedule!

Anonymous said...

Too bad the Town can't impose some sort of lawful tax or toll on the hordes of motor cycles that make many of our residents prisoners in their homes for over a week and cost us tax money for policing, etc., putting aside the unlawful noise caused by many motorcycles that exceed lawful limits.

Unfortunately Motorcycle week is not like other festivals for fishing, etc. It is a life changing interruption that as a Town we can't control because the economics of motorcycle week on businesses trumps individual rights.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:02

Take a chill pill. Sit back and enjoy. It's one week a year, well known to prep for. You can see sights like this rarely. Before you know your time might be up.