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Alexander Hamilton

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Moultonboro Board of Selectmen Meeting Highlights January 21st 2016

Well, as Mrs. Lincoln once said "... other than that, the play was pretty good."

Yes we did have a BoS meeting after the Community Center informational meeting. ( I will reiterate from a previous post that there is considerable misinformation out there as evidenced by one gentleman that said a number of times that we have 5 gyms in town. We don't. We have two gyms: the Academy high school size gym, a smaller gym at the Central School and a multipurpose room that has severe limitations. If you are truly interested in accurate information, contact our Town Administrator or any Selectman.)

  • Jonathan Van Etten, President of Stewart's Ambulance of which we contract for service along with Center Harbor, Meredith and Sandwich, came to answer questions about the contract which renews July 1st, 2016. A highlight of his comments was that the success rate for survival of cardiac emergencies in the Lakes Region is about 27%. The national average is 6%. The protocol is for transport in certain cardiac emergencies directly to Concord Hospital for immediate intervention, rather than going to Huggins or Lakes which delays vital treatment. Mr. Van Etten was very open to the suggestions for changes in contract language Selectman Bartlett brought up. Our cost last year (2015) which includes our cost for 24/7 paramedic availability, was about $185K, 
  • We did finally settle on a cover for the 2015 Town report
  • Small amendments were offered to the noise ordinance which will be taken to Town meeting for approval.
  • An indemnification policy that had been misplaced in recent years, was discovered last July, and will need to be renumbered and also taken to Town meeting for ratification. 
  • The NHEC has a plan to remove and relocate the utility poles at the intersection of Old 109 and Rt 25 so that the tee intersection can be built. 
  • We had no objection to the NH Liquor Commission for a liquor license for the " New" Woodshed restaurant scheduled to open this spring. 
  • A Town Planner search committee will be formed. Selectman Wakefield will represent the BoS.


Fred Van Magness said...

I am lacking a lot of info on this topic. However, it is my understanding that the M'boro Rec operation has 3 full time and one part time employee for our small sized community. In my former town in MA, we had a very robust recreation Department with 3 full-time employees only and it served a community of 25,000 people with 8 schools....approx. 6 times the size of M'boro, yet M'boro has a larger staff. Does not make sense. When I say robust, its community outreach and breadth of programs was very broad. It seems to me the solution may be in right-sizing the program offering to meet the space requirements that we currently have. There is lots of data that we need. For one, I do not understand why we are building a new facility with offices for the Rec. Dept. They already have their own building. Seems they could get some healthy exercise and walk, IF the new building passes. Should be interesting at Town Meeting........!!!!! I am not sold at all on the need. $6.5M is a huge sum. Despite the history, seems like we are again rushing to judgment. Glad I can now vote on this stuff !!!!!!!

Janet from Bean Road said...

"They won't give up."
That is what I heard after the last vote on a recreation complex.
Years ago.
And all is true.
The Meredith Recreation Complex us under used.
The Meredith Recreation Complex today requires hundreds of thousands of dollars in maintenance upkeep as the building is aging.
We do have 3 gymnasiums no matter what name some attempt to throw out there. For God's sake look up the definition of a multipurpose room in relation to a gymnasium.
What we need in this town is an all out rejection of those who continually want more and more and more.
Let's stop the madness spending once and for all.

Rick Heath said...

Hi Fred. I am taking this opportunity to make some comments and welcome you to Moultonborough politics.
First you need to understand a couple of basic principals we live with. You good folks who have chosen Moultonborough to invest a sizable amount of money to recreate, visit, retire to, and yes even live here, pay the lion's (no pun intended) share of the many expensive and little over-seen projects. I believe at last estimate that amounts to 75 cents on every $1.00 that pays the payroll, rebuilds a faulty fire station, plows the roads, pays the health insurance, builds the shrinking schools, etc etc etc. So we can afford anything we want like stainless steel truck bodies and indoor swimming pools, "Because we can" to quote a former BoS chair.
The other thing you need to understand is that most of the powers to be (and that title is not limited to any one group but a whole cache of those connected to your annual contribution) will do whatever they can to keep you from having a say in how they spend your money. SB2, as close as we came in one attempt to get there we have not made it yet; thus allowing the repeated attempts to build yet another edifice in a town with a population and student body in decline. Now I have to make a clarification here. SB2 does NOT allow you non-resident taxpaying friends vote unless you are a resident. But if one of every non-resident taxpaying couple were to declare residency here, if they qualify, and we had SB2 you would have a say by absentee ballot. Many of the dreaded elderly 'majority' are not able to get to town meeting (where all this tomfoolery is managed) because of aging, illness, winter retreat to warmer climes the tax dollars are spent with the majority of those small handful who go to town meeting.
Because I know you and respect your efforts I look forward to your continued effort to add some sanity to this habitual spending for things a town of some 4000 does not need BUT can afford.

Town Hall Junkie said...

Rick, think about who must be in town during town meetings......Parents with kids in school......and the 100's of employees the school system has... The turnout numbers can not beat that voting block... I can say. SB 2. so close last time.

Say what? said...

SB 2 so close last time? You mean not even close to getting a simple majority. It has been soundly defeated numerous times.

Town Hall Junkie said...

Say What ? Try town report 2008 Pg 14. SB2. Yes 748. No 588.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Town Hall and Say What- you are both right, sort of. 2008 was the only Sb2 vote that exceed at least a majority, but the subsequent votes in 2009, 2011 and on the school ballot in 2012 all failed to gain even a majority.

Town Hall Junkie said...

Off subject but :.... The town administrators report for this week states :

The Board will work on finalizing the 2016 Board Goals,

Could Mr Blogger publish a draft on goals immediately ? They should be called " Taxpayers " goals.......and we need to see if the BOS got it right. The BOS must think of themselves as an instrument of the people. BOS members that bring their own agenda seem to be causing the problems for us.