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Sunday, January 10, 2016

School Board/Board of Selectmen to Meet Quarterly

The School Board and BoS met jointly last Thursday at the start of the BoS regular meeting. There was an agenda item to determine whether to continue the SB/BoS subcommittee that began in 2014. Since the subcommittee is not a decision making body, there was some discussion about the effectiveness of the subcommittee and whether it made more sense in terms of getting things done to just have the two boards meet more often. There was some concern by some members that the subcommittee did not have a formal charge. It was suggested that the Town Administrator and SAU Superintendent could do much of the groundwork when issues come up to then bring it back to the full joint boards. We did reach a compromise. I suggested that the TA and SAU Superintendent draft a charge for the subcommittee and bring it back to another full joint board meeting to be held in February. The SB/BoS subcommittee would continue and meet on an as needed basis as pertinent issues arise. It was also agreed that the full joint boards would meet on a quarterly basis.
The last item that the subcommittee addressed last fall was a joint marketing plan. Both boards agreed that a marketing plan was desirable , but much work and many unknowns lay ahead. It has to be recognized that a substantial portion of the town has little interest in marketing the town, but many do. It will undoubtedly be a topic of discussions in the months to come, but we must first come together and decide what it is we want to accomplish, for example, what is the ideal school enrollment?
The date for the February joint meeting will be determined in the next week or so.

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