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Monday, January 11, 2016

Time to Move on and Forward

 I don't force anyone to read this blog, couldn't of course even if I wanted to. I have written in the past  that agree or disagree, I will write about what I want to write about. And thank you Joe, who wrote "I'm not one to argue with blogger. I believe he genuinely and honestly is concerned about MoBo. We'll debate, however, and I believe he welcomes it, and knows it's nothing personal." Joe gets it. 

In 2008, a Community Center was voted down by the Legislative body. In 2013 however, that same Legislative body voted to direct the BoS to pursue development of a facility per the Blue Ribbon Commission report. In 2014, the Legislative body voted to spend $17,500 for a site study for such a facility. Right after that vote, I was sworn in as a selectman. Now, you may not like or agree with any of those votes, but they are legal and we are bound to follow the will of the people. Yes I know, only a small percentage of voters vote at Town Meeting. I've been down the SB2 battleground in the past and as I stated at candidates night in 2014, the people have spoken loud and clear,and the majority do not want SB2. Many of us, including some recent commenter's, came to that same conclusion five or six years ago.
I have never claimed to be a proponent of the proposed Community Center, ( despite the apoplectic comments to the contrary) ,but I have found after seeking the facts ( with an open mind),  that gym space is at a premium in this town and I said as much. Our task was to do the best job possible to bring to voters a true picture of what the project would entail, especially cost. Some may not like that, but that is the job I was elected to do. I have to be fair and put any personal feelings aside in this office, and if you choose to disagree with that or believe that my job is to go against or ignore the will of the majority of the  people, you will continue to be disappointed.
What I can't seem to get through to some ( or they just choose to ignore? ) is that the BoS did what the voters told us to do. Pursue development. They did not qualify it with whether enrollment was declining, or the population was getting older or anything else. Just get the facts.
The next step as a responsible Governing body is tell the Legislative body what we found so they can vote it up or down and it can be once and for all be decided. 
At the end of the day, if anyone feels that the Branley report recommendations ought to be implemented in 2016, then go ahead and write a warrant article, get the signatures, and the voters will vote on it. Same goes for SB2 or any other issue you feel strongly about. Recognize however that not everyone will agree with you, but we do have to abide by the outcomes and keep moving forward. It is indeed past due time to move on.


Fred Van Magness said...

Very fair and honest post made from the heart as you do your elected job. Thank you for the time and effort you expend for the town.

Eric Taussig said...

The problem understanding where the Town is on the issue of a Community Center (cc) is the ambiguity of the various proposals and the separate decisions made both by the BoS and by the electorate at the Town Meetings including, but not in any chronological order to:

(1) purchase the Lions Club and leaseback the clubhouse to the Lions
(2) purchase the Taylor Property
(3) Gym space and utilization study
(4) Blue Ribbon Commission Report
(5) Site study for a CC near schools
(6) UNH Study
(7) Town Committee Study
(6) The Branley Report

It is not surprising that with all of the above, the Town's electorate is quite confused. I do hope that when the final Warrant Article is drafted with BoS approval it is clearly described with specifics as a commitment to spend $6.5 million (bonded as proposed) to build a CC at a definite location that includes a gym and other specific items, so the electorate will know what they are voting for or against.

Let everyone have a say said...

Is there a way the question can be placed on the ballot, rather than a warrant article at town meeting? That way, the decision can enjoy wider participation by those who are registered to vote, but can't make town meeting and choose to use an absentee ballot. More votes in the tally would help everyone better accept the results.

Joseph Cormier said...

"Is there a way the question can be placed on the ballot, rather than a warrant article at town meeting?"


Not me ... lawyers and state statutes say no!

The only way it can show on "the ballot" is with SB-2 balloting, and we're not!
See and read the link below, for what can be placed on the ballot ...and what cannot.


Joseph Cormier said...

"January 11, 2016 at 9:42 PM

Anonymous Let everyone have a say said...

Is there a way the question can be placed on the ballot, rather than a warrant article at town meeting?"

No, there isn't.
See and read the link below.

The only was is SB-2 balloting, and MoBo is not an SB-2 town. That would allow for ALL articles to be voted-on at the ballot box, including absentee balloting. The "town" has decided several times against SB-2, although it probably did so without knowing the truth about SB-2.

Yes ... ignorance is bliss, said the spider to the fly!


PS: to blogger:
This post might be a repeat. Had a power glitch and resent.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we need to table or defeat this proposal so we can become an SB-2 Town.

Anonymous said...

anon at 527 yesterday, your comment makes no sense. Joe, SB2 was fully presented many times ( I support our traditional town meeting) and yes we did get the truth. Small groups of citizens hijack the deliberative session ( smaller in number even than at town meeting hows that for irony!) and goes against the tradition many if us cherish. There is a minority in this town that want to say no to everything and will go to any length to get their way. Negativity is palpable when they walk in the room. Don't go to the dark side Joe. Sb2 failed 4 times I think. As blogger Paul said, it is a dead issue.

Joseph Cormier said...

I make up my own mind. Especially, on facts I usually have to find myself.

I consider nothing as Dark, other than that which is untrue.

Eric Taussig said...

I am surprised by Anon 8:30 am's comment about Anon 5:27. While it may be true that SB 2 was previously rejected by the Town electorate, there is nothing to prevent a new petition.

Whether one is for or against the Community Center, it remains too bad that an item as significant as the Community Center ($6.5 million) can now only be voted on by attendees at the Town Meeting.