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Saturday, January 30, 2016

You can't register to vote at Town Meeting.

As Supervisor of the Checklist Sally Carver told us last Thursday at the BoS meeting, if you come to Town Meeting and are not registered to vote or haven't voted in a long time (your name may have been purged from the voter checklist), you will not be able to register to vote the day of Town Meeting. You will not be able to vote. The Moultonborough Voter Checklist can be viewed in the lobby at the Moultonborough Town Hall.

The following is from the Town Clerk's website:
In order to participate in local or state elections and meetings, you must be registered to vote. You may register to vote at the Town Clerk’s Office or at the polls on an election (not meeting) day. You must be 18 years of age or older on the day of the next election, a U.S. citizen, and a resident of the Town. You must present proof of age, I.D., residency and citizenship. You may present a birth certificate, passport or naturalization papers as proof of citizenship. If you are unable to obtain these papers, you must complete an affidavit of citizenship.


Nearly Disenfranchised said...

Ironic that you can register to vote on primary or section day, but can't do so on Town Meeting Day.

Also paradoxical that you can get an absentee ballot to vote for President, Governor, Senator, Congressman, State legislator, state constitutional amendment, etc., but not for a $6,000,000 bond issue or any other warrant article.

Too bad I don't live in an SB-2 Town that would allow me to vote as in a regular election or primary. I now think I understand how an Iowan must feel about caucuses.

sick of whining said...

Yes too bad you don't live in an SB2 town. It has been voted down here repeatedly. We have town meeting and proud of it. You don't like it, move!

Anonymous said...

Governor Wentworth Regional School District Deliberative session meeting on a $50 million budget had only 42 voters representing the 6 towns that are part of the regional school district.

Joseph Cormier said...

Deliberative session approximates the same as present annual town meeting. It DOES NOT eliminate the annual get-together, as I personally heard say at a candidates night meeting.

The big difference is you don't have to vote on the articles right then and there. You get to vote some weeks later. If you attend the deliberative session, or some day watch it streamed, you've got plenty of time to get more informed ... if you haven't already done so.

Another big difference is the absentee ballot. All articles are on an SB-2 absentee ballot, not just the few for electing someone or land/zoning issues, as it is now. You might be in Florida for some time, and still be able to vote on all articles. Right now, you cannot.

Relative to faux arguments regarding attendance at deliberative sessions,if you already know the issues ... know how you're going to vote ... why do you need to attend the deliberative session. It defies logic !

I've also heard the public is too stupid to be allowed to vote, if not in town, or can't make it to the auditorium. They don't have a clue on the issues, only what they've heard from email and phone calls.

Looking at the number of votes on "the Tuesday" v. the number that show up on "the Saturday" there appears to a significant delta.

I don' share the sentiment about stupidity, but do believe there is a factor in ignorance about issues. When, where, how that ignorance is corrected, if at all, is part of the SB-2 debate.

Those that feel strongly about SB-2 can submit a petition for something. Just takes 25 registered voters (on topic). 50 registered voters can require a special town meeting for something. Don't put in any money or budget stuff, or it may negate the petition or require Superior Court approval, first. On the plus side, if it's done in the summer months, there will be more folks (snowbirds) are back.

I'm not a masochist, and will stop my comment on SB-2.

I will be voting, however, on all articles.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we have a special town meeting in summer to allow more resident voters to weigh in on community center proposal?

Anonymous said...

How can you purge the voters checklist? Is that legal?

Anonymous said...

Joe, the delib session does not " approximate" our traditional TM. The deliberative session can amend warrant articles, even petitioned ones. A small motivated group can amend the articles and the voters at the ballot box cannot.
The SB-2 crowd will say they only want more people the opportunity to vote. What we know they are really saying is they just want to vote things down without discussion and discourse. Lets move on from this Sb-2 discussion, we are not an Sb-2 town. Blogger should end this thread.

Joseph Cormier said...

"How can you purge the voters checklist? Is that legal?"

Just heading out for breakfast, but thought I'd leave this:

Think about how many folks, renters, taxpayers, etc. come and go ... to/from out of MoBo over the years. Remember to distinguish the difference from taxpayer and registered voter. Resident renters can be neither property owner nor taxpayer, but can vote.

It would seem reasonable that the registered voter list needs a process to keep it updated, however "updated" means. That list is used for many reasons.


Joseph Cormier said...

"Joe, the delib session does not " approximate" our traditional TM. The deliberative session can amend warrant articles, even petitioned ones. A small motivated group can amend the articles and the voters at the ballot box cannot."

Just got back in from breakfast.

I humbly disagree. It DOES approximate, and very closely! This includes petitioned articles that cannot be changed, till the meetings, either of them (except changes for small typos).

BOTH types of meetings allow for amendments to warrant
articles. "Reconsideration" doesn't matter at the termination of either meeting. The skirmishes for both, are at the meeting.

Small motivated groups "rig" the systems, both, now, at the present meetings, and could, at a deliberative session.

There is a difference, as you point out, at the ballot box. Those that cannot attend the meetings, for whatever reason, but manage to get to the ballot box, are not allowed to vote in the present system, but would under SB-2. Again another big difference is the absentee ballot ... same voting/non-voting privilege.

"Lets move on from this Sb-2 discussion, we are not an Sb-2 town. Blogger should end this thread."

This is precisely the attitude that a lot folks object to ... my way or the highway. Our system allows for petition. Our system promotes discourse. Our system allows disagreement.
Most of the time blogger allows for dispute :), and for the most part, is fair, even when he's being pummeled.

I'm not going to bring a petition for SB-2, but would be more than willing to debate IN PUBLIC, with cameras rolling, with anyone, any time!

Personally, I agree there have been several SB-2 votes in MoBo (I wasn't involved back then, but have read some of the MoBo history) and the town doesn't want to hear any more, for now.

However, I believe facts, not perceptions, should be paramount.
I do thank you for the response, although I don't agree.

Anonymous said...

I remember in 2000, the governor of Florida allowed "opperatives" of one political party to purge the voting cards of the opposite party. Guess who? How does it work here?

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Here is a link to the pertinent RSA

Anonymous said...

Blogger Can you please offer some basic information as to the purpose of the Proposed Community Center Bond Hearing and FY 2016 Budget Hearing? Is this intended for discussion and opinion gathering? Are warrants to be amended and changed?

Joseph Cormier said...

RE:January 31, 2016 at 5:05 PM

Public Hearings are statutory requirements. The info meetings were not "hearings".

All warrant articles are subject to amendment, at town meeting, not hearings, by the voters.

Prior to town meeting, the BoS can make changes to their warrant articles , but not petitioned articles. Petitioned articles have to get to town meeting, and then they can be amended from the floor.

Blogger lets us input to the blog.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

What Joe said. Here is the statute: http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/rsa/html/III/33/33-8-a.htm

Joseph Cormier said...

Here are some other statutes Paul was going to post RE: purging the checklist: