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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Article 2 Voting

There is a bond article on the Town warrant this year. I know, I know, you're thinking "how come we haven't heard about this before? Those  &#%!@?!" Selectmen, slipped that one right by us.
Okay, back to reality. It's a hot topic alright. We will be voting at some point on this article come March 12th.
The process to vote on the bond is the point of this post. Without quoting NH RSA's, the law requires this article to be placed first on the warrant and that in order to pass, requires a two thirds majority. Voting must be by secret ballot and will begin after the discussion on the article is completed. It then must continue for no less than 60 minutes, but can continue as long as the moderator allows or as the legislative body moves and approves.
The real point I want to make is that the article discussion will start shortly after the School District annual meeting ends ( probably around 9:30am or so ). Even if you can't or don't want to attend the entire meeting, you can come by to vote on just this article ( maybe after you get a text message or a Tweet after the discussion is over that the ballot box is open) and just check in with the Supervisors of the check list, get your ballot, drop it in the box and off you go, back to work or play.  No need to hang all day. And by the way, discussion and voting on the subsequent articles will continue while the article 2 voting continues. So you have plenty of opportunity to come and vote and have your say on this important issue. 15 minutes or so is all it will take.


Joseph Cormier said...

It should also be stated that they probably need not worry about another vote that day, on Article 2.

It is almost guaranteed that there will be a motion to "restrict reconsideration" on Article 2, and cannot be voted on for at least 7 days later. That will almost be certain no matter which way the vote goes.


Concerned said...

I have heard that there will be amendments. Will those be posted in advance since this is a special bond vote or will they just be taken up as a regular article amendments?

I also assume that there will be pro and con discussion on the article, on amendments, and that it is likely the voting will not start for some time after 9:30?

Mr. Blogger, can you or someone from the Town give us a schedule so those of us who can't sit around in the Academy all day will know when to come down for the vote.

While I don't want to cast aspersions on any person or group, history has shown that proponents of articles often delay the vote deliberately in hopes that the seniors who tend to vote no leave before the real voting takes place.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Town meeting is ruled by the Moderator, unless overruled by the Legislative body. Town meeting doesn't commence until a few minutes after the School District Annual meeting ends, maybe roughly 09:30. There is no schedule to be offered, other than the town warrant, as each article comes up. No one can predict when the Article 2 discussion will end and voting begins. I don't share your concerns about purposely delaying the vote.
As to amendments, Town meeting has not yet been called to order. If amendments are proposed, they need to be seconded, discussed and voted on when the meeting is in session.

Penny Morrison said...

As a Town official I think it is irresponsible of you to suggest that people ignore the entire process of "the purest form of government" and just pick and choose their participation.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

I disagree Penny. Many people have an interest in this bond and don't typically attend town meeting or they are working, or have other things to do that day. An awareness of the process to vote on a bond is my only point. I think it is irresponsible to extrapolate my comments into suggesting people ignore the entire process. I hope we have a record turnout.

Grumpy said...

So let me get this right. After all the discussion someone can tweet their family and friends and they can come down to vote in a private booth for up to an hour. They may or may not understand what they are voting for since they may have missed the nuances of the discussion and amendments. Sounds like SB-2 light. Where are all those town/school employees that thought SB2 was that evil thing? Oh, gathering all their relatives.

For SB 2 in 2016 said...

While the use of a text message or call may alleviate the inconvenience for those who work or can't spend hours at the Town Meeting, it still does not substitute for an ability to vote via secret ballot own a voting booth on Town Election Day, which would be a reality with SB-2. Irrespective which side wins the Article 2 Community Center Bond issue referendum on March 12th, isn't it time for SB 2?

Grumpy said...

ABSOLUTLY, That was my point.

Joseph Cormier said...

"Anonymous For SB 2 in 2016 said"

It legally can't be 2016, but a 2017 vote is possible. All it takes is 25 registered voters to present a petition to require a vote.

The best part was left out. ALL... registered voters, including ... absentee ballots ... get to vote on ... ALL ... articles, in private. Most folks know how they are going to vote before any annual town meeting or deliberative session.

SB-2, additionally, allows a for a couple of more weeks to find out more about the article, if needed. Annual town meeting requires a vote, RIGHT NOW!

If some folks want to duke-it-out about an article, they still , at deliberative session or annual meeting. The "restricting reconsideration" or "reconsideration" to re-vote are both covered in the statutes.

Today's Laconia Sun has a couple of letters regarding SB-2; page 6 and 8.

It wouldn't hurt to read the articles regarding Budget Committees, as well. It might stir up interest, on the difference between an Advisory Budget Committee and an Official Budget Committee. NH RSA's are controlling, and under an Official Budget Committee, it's the Official Budget Committee that presents the budget to the people, instead of the BoS. Walter, would still be the guiding light of the budget, but work more closely with the Official Budget Committee, not the BoS, on that issue. Or better yet, have the BoS and some town folks, up to 12 I think (if memory doesn't fail me).

The Advisory Budget Committee is just that, and their recommendations have no legal bearing in governing the Town, or the schools.

I can't understand why the School system has the same advisory committee, as the BoS! They might, independently, decide to go SB-2 or Official Budget Committee, and show how its done.

The school system and the BoS are two separate governing bodies (Library is under different statutes as well).

That is why the BoS and Rec. Dept. have NO SAY in the school gyms, if push comes to shove. Might give credence to needing another gym, under the Rec. Dept./BoS. I guess we'll get some added input on that issue with the vote on Article 2, at the annual town meeting, on March 12th at the MoBo Academy!

See ya there!