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Monday, February 8, 2016

Community Center Information

The two presentations concerning the proposed Community Center can be found here on the Town website under Major Projects. 
In addition, poster boards with enlarged  ( 24x36) visuals will be at various locations including at the Life Safety Building lobby tomorrow during the primary voting. A good time to grab one of the selectmen if you have any questions.
Remember, if you want accurate information on any aspect of this project, ask a Selectmen, or our Town Administrator.


Jim Morrison said...

Mr. Blogger your pet peeve lately has been accuracy of data yet on 2/4/16 you posted that the town has received $125,000.00 for the Taylor scholarship and the real number according to the minutes of the meeting is $185,000.00. Talk about the pot calling the kettle Black.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

The real number is $125,000. The minutes will be corrected at the next BoS meeting.

Jim Morrison said...

That is nice. I called Hope yesterday and she said the number was $185,000.00.

Joseph Cormier said...

Maybe a minority, but some, myself included, believe Article 2 to be THE ONLY important fact; not studies, not data, but fact.

There WILL BE A VOTE at the next annual meeting on Article 2. That's a fact.

To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Six Million Four Hundred Ninety One Thousand Dollars ($6,491,000) for the design, engineering, construction and equipping of a Community Center ... "

It's probably me, but I fail to see WHAT will be built, notwithstanding the presentations, and all the hard work expended.

The warrant stipulates "the design", it doesn't state the design presented. I may vote for the Center, not because of a gym, but in spite of it. It's going to have a floor anyway, so if it's a gym floor, so be it. The gym building can be utilized for more than "kid" sports or recreation. All ages recreation, and whatever included ... up to ... the money the town votes to appropriate.

I believe there will be amendments to the warrant Article 2. I'll almost guarantee it.

It's been stated, by the BoS (it's their article, not a petitioned article) that the design is not "cast in concrete", pun intended. They've also stated more town input to firm-up a final design. I do support that, and if that were stated in the warrant, it might help voters make up their mind. There's no hurry to sign a contract to build. At least a vote on an amount of money, and providing MoBo with a Community Center, will be done with. Then, the wrestling matches for what to build, could be done. Not forever, with a stipulated time-frame, but ... not so fast ... the town hasn't voted on design. What's wrong with getting consensus, and it will probably not be unanimous, but require compromise. Even a special town meeting for the design only, when snowbirds are back, could be done. I personally don't think it is necessary but ...

Personally, I've got reservations about the "gym" structure, as presented. Not enough of a barn. Why an entrance/egress on Rt.25? Why not part of the MA entrance/egress? Why not make the Rt.25 frontage more of a Moultonborough Common, green space? Now, put in a crosswalk to across the street/Route in front of the Common. Isn't DOT going to require a traffic light at Blake Rd./Rt.25 intersection anyway, when the Dollar store goes in? Has DOT been included? Doesn't DOT have final say on a state road for easement and driveways? I guess eminent domain and taking someone's property, won't be an issue, since MoBo owns the properties ... I guess.

It shouldn't take another 10 years to include town input. It shouldn't take to 2018 either, to get a contract signed, as the UNH report recommended regarding 2018; recommendation #5 I think, if memory doesn't fail me. I'm sure there are other MoBo citizens that have comments and reservations, that could be ameliorated.

All of the above is premised on ... IF THE ARTICLE PASSES AS IS, OR AS AMENDED! This is the only day of the year, usually, that MoBo is a democracy, and not a republic, notwithstanding state statutes.

We should, also, not confuse legalities, of amending warrant articles, or bonds, or article reconsideration.

Just Saying ...

Moultonboro Blogger said...

It is $125,000. I have a copy of the check.

Winter swimming? said...

It was nice seeing a proposed design while voting. Most common comment heard; "where is the pool?" Maybe we can't afford a pool, but why build anything without one?