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Sunday, February 7, 2016

"Literally Every Sentence In This Ted Cruz Quote Is Misleading Or False" Huffington Post

"Socialized medicine is a disaster. It does not work. If you look at the countries that have imposed socialized medicine, that have put the government in charge of providing medicine, what inevitably happens is rationing. You have a scarcity of doctors. ... And that means the elderly are told: We're going to ration a hip replacement; we're going to ration a knee replacement. We're going to ration end-of-life care." Senator Ted Cruz  at last nights GOP debate.
I heard this statement as I watched part of the debate and my first thought  was , really Ted? Much of those " facts" were debunked years ago. The one that popped out most annoyingly was the return of the " death panel" nonsense. Idiotic.
The Huffington Post had a lot to say about this, and I agree with their commentary. I get the " limited government" platform, but continually spreading this very old manure to bolster the case to repeal the Affordable Care Act is wrong. What are you going to replace it with?
The better question is why are we so afraid to go toward a system that does work in many countries? Could it be that big health insurers have exerted their considerable influence to see that it doesn't happen?


Janet Cramer said...

Since the ACA has been in place, I've had to change insurance carriers every year because my plans were discontinued. Finally this year there were only 2 options open to me (I'm an independent contractor in NH) and I picked Harvard Pilgrim because the one hospital I can go to is in Plymouth, the other in Rochester. Closer than the other plan. The closest Primary Care physician is in Rochester who has any openings, so I have no doctor, pay $827/month with a $7K deductible. My husband's cardiologist quit because the paperwork was so onerous. And I would pay more if I could find a better coverage. We have several friends living in Europe (close to retirement age) - the one in France has waited years for a hip replacement, the ones in the Netherlands have a doctor that they see every year but who can't help them diagnose what sounds like an ongoing serious medical issue (and won't refer them on to anyone else) and the ones in Denmark are going to retire in the US rather than there solely because of the medical care. So Ted Cruz's quote lined up totally with my experience.

Anonymous said...

I'm retired and lost the insurance coverage from the company I used to work for. I was a Union member, as well, and all of the Union retirees lost the coverage they used to have. Yes the CBA was changed on renewal. Thanks a lot ... not ACA ... Obamacareless.

Luckily, my wife worked for the state, and I'm now on her spousal plan. Yes , were both on Medicare, paying for Medicare B, and hope we'll not have to go on Medicaid with any more "taking care of everyone".

A single payer system, the fed. gov't, is the real goal. It knows best, right.

Why do the Canadians come down to the States for medical care!

Facts from the Post ... said...

How do you feel about what Hillary and Bernie are saying?

Anything on the Huffington Post?

Nanny ... said...

Why have competition between insurance companies, and allow cross-state-line bidding for policies, that can accommodate personal medical needs? The insurance companies are not making enough money now, right. Don't want to make them paupers, do we? I'm sure they agree that Federal government is smarter, and can manage money better than the private sector.

Isn't this the year, 2016, that Obamacare repercussions, financially/tax wise will kick-in, still more? You thought "feasibility" was bad before, it gets better.

How about letting the VA take over! How's that working out!

Undelcared voter said...

Amazing that the right can tolerate the lies and deception of Cruz and Trump and actually encourage people to vote for these people. Feel the Bern baby!

Independent ... said...

February 8, 2016 at 8:50 AM
Anonymous Undelcared voter said...

Under declared? ... undeclared? ... burn baby ; you got that right, burn with Bern!

Anonymous said...

I agree; Cruz and Trump have no concern for correctness, politically or not! With regard to the ACA, rates have been increasing prior by 19+% annually for at least the last couple of generations. Whatever the effort is ACA or otherwise, the costs must be addressed.

Kasich has real accomplishments and he thinks before opening his mouth, as well as offers real information! That's what we need as a leader, not one who is adversarial toward certain groups of American citizens due to ignorance and fear.

Anonymous said...

Prior to the ACA, we've had to change insurance carriers practically on an annual basis due to constant absurd rate increases.

Joseph Cormier said...

"Amazing that the right can tolerate the lies and deception of Cruz and Trump and actually encourage people to vote for these people."

And the left swallows what Hilary and Bernie spew. At least Bernie tries to keep it impersonal, and pushes his agenda, take it or leave it. That's fine.

Maybe he can borrow Larry David's Prius, and drive Hillary to a "Truth or Consequences" taping.

But ... "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE!" (said with a screech). You go girl! To heck with right-wing-conspiracy, Congressional investigations ... there's always pleading the 5th!

A lot of you are too young to remember the following link.


Must have been a lot of boxes after leaving the White House, and being almost broke (due to legal fees).

But then again, what are two lawyers to do.

Apologies, to the legal community for this smirk.

Lighten up! ... it could be Putin.

None of the above? said...

As a retiree under 65, Obamacare allowed me to get insurance that otherwise would only been available from the NH high-risk ($$$$) pool. Unfortunately, NH options are limited and mostly in-state only. Overall, I'm glad Obama started to fix a broken system, but disappointed polarized politics stopped improvements. I like Clinton's approach of gradual fixes, but worry insurance companies won't give up profits easily. Repeal is not an attractive answer, at all, and the apparent lies from the candidates have me wishing for a trustworthy progressive conservative candidate.

Anonymous said...

As a retiree under 65, my self pay medical premium has risen 80% since Obama care. Can't go out of state. High deductible. Something has to give. Why do I have to pick up the burden again and again?

Anonymous said...

So out of state competition would fix health care insurance? A Cruz supporter eh? His three point plan is pie in the sky. It does not address so many of the key facets of universal healthcare like pre existing conditions.
Cruz’s Goldman Sachs employer based health plan costs the taxpayers far more than the cost of an average families total health insurance costs and far more than any would receive in subsidies as the cost of health plans is tax deductible for the employer. A bit hypocritical.And disingenuous. We bring you Ted Cruz. He is so unprepared to be our President is it very,very, scary.
Cruise with Bernie!

Eric Taussig said...

It is obvious that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has problems, in my opinion, the number one being that it is run by insurance companies who are feathering there own nests. Number two that the exchanges are not totally free market due to stateline restrictions.

My opinion is that had the Obama administration expanded Medicare on a graduated basis over say a five to ten year period by gradually reducing the eligible age and including children, the reform would have worked far better than the ACA. In my experience Medicare seems to work reasonably well. If such an expansion as I proposed was coupled with reforms to limit some medical procedures which are over the top due to malpractice fears of medical providers, it would likely solve the problem by having a single payor system that would work, Because of costs one couldn't implement such a system in one fell swoop but could do so over a period of time.

Obviously such a Medicare expansion would require higher taxes, but could be finance by lifting the FICA earnings limitation and perhaps some sort of securities/banking transaction tax.

Just some ideas - because if Obamacare is to be repealed, something needs to be done.

A free and natural man said...

I need a hip replacement in a big way. I will not sign up for the ACA for personal reasons. I have shopped hard with cash in hand to have the hip replaced. This is what I have found. I can have the procedure done in central America for 17-20K. while shopping in NH I found with 12 hospitals that the price starts at 70K with insurance. That number becomes 50K if paying with cash. That number becomes 24K if I pay cash before the surgery. The hospital isn't going to lose $ at 24K or they wouldn't do it. I obviously am going to have the hip done locally as I can recover at home and that has value. Sad that if I had insurance it would cost 70K. DIRTY, DIRTY, and DIRTY! Perhaps the solution is to do away with insurance completely and then people could just afford to pay cash as they won't be having to pay premiums through "taxes".

None of the above? said...

A Free and Natural Man points out the long term problem of health care insurance, not fixed by ACA. Prices are not transparent, and vary by the insurance carrier. Retail prices are inflated, knowing insurance will pay only a portion, so those paying cash either negotiate or get ripped off. With single payer, prices would be more transparent and consistent. We need ACA fixed, not repealed.