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Thursday, February 11, 2016

NH Medicaid Expansion Moving Forward

HB 1696 seeking to amend the NH Health Protection program passed  ( Roll Call vote ) 207 yea  to 136 nay. The analysis of the bill states that "This bill requires the commissioner of the department of health and human services to submit waivers or state plan amendments to modify the New Hampshire health protection program.  The bill also includes funding for such program by charging premiums for the services, using moneys from the insurance premium tax, and changing the priorities of the uncompensated care and Medicaid fund."
 I was disappointed to see that Rep, Cordelli voted nay, but glad to see that Rep. Wright voted yea.

 I suspect some strong push back from the NH Hospital Association as the bill goes to the House Finance Committee for review, as well it should. Hospitals already foot the bill for millions of dollars in uncompensated care and asking them to contribute to paying for medicaid expansion by taking on a reduced percentage of the medicaid reimbursement funding seems counterproductive. It would be beneficial for lawmakers to look at the financial condition of hospitals in NH before increasing the financial burden by downshifting the cost to them.

The next step for this bill is a hearing by the House Finance Committee on February 17th at 10Am.

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Joseph Cormier said...

Just heading back out the door, but read from on-line subscription with my email:

"House Bill 1696 would extend the New Hampshire Health Protection Program for two years until Dec. 31, 2018, with insurance companies and hospitals kicking in $37 million of the $51 million the state would pay once the federal government stops paying 100 percent Jan. 1, 2017."