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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Public Hearing for Proposed Revisions to Planning Board Site Plan Review Regulations Wednesday February 24th at 7pm

Periodically, our Site Plan Review Regulations are updated and revised, and prior to adopting them, the Planning Board must hold a public hearing.  The current site plan regulations can be found here. Keep in mind that these regulations apply only to non-residential and multi-family dwelling units other than one or two family dwellings.
My only comments are firstly, some of the changes could be used as ammunition to reinforce the perception that we are not a business friendly community. As we try to market our town, we need to be open to new concepts and building styles.
Secondly, there is some subjectivity to the definition of " bright colors." Bright colors can be defined as " bold" or "vivid." "Bold" barn red on a number of buildings on Whittier Highway, or the "vivid" green on the Middle Neck School come to mind as subjective interpretations.

Following are the amendments being proposed.


Anonymous said...

"The foregoing design elements may be waived in whole or in part", then why if at all

Anonymous said...

Am I wrong or does our own Life Safety Building not meet the materials requirement in Section 4b?

Eric Taussig said...

The prior comment, on waivers raises an interesting series of questions on the Community Center (CC) that remains for the BoS, Planning and Zoning Boards to answer. Is the CC going to be subject to the Town's Zoning and Site Plan laws and regulations? Is the Town (BoS) going to use the State laws that allow it to bypass Zoning and Planning to get around certain requirements such as size, height, set backs, access, etc., that require waivers with the current design, etc.

If the Town will use the Zoning and Planning processes are they going to request waivers, etc.?

I for one would liken answers to these questions.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

We have stated officially that if the bond passes, we will abide by the same land use regulations/ordinances a private citizen or company would have to abide by. We plan an informal discussion with the Planning Board to begin the process after Town Meeting if there is an affirmative vote.

Joseph Cormier said...

Let's hope, if the Center is built, there will be better site planning, review, and contract clauses to prevent what happened at the Public Safety building.

Who's responsible for that? Was that another we'll discuss it later.