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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Selectmen Approve After Prom Party Funding Request

The Moultonborough Academy After Prom Committee tonight requested $2,355 from the Community Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Education Fund. The fund is replenished each year at the amount collected from alcohol related fines.
The After Prom Committee is planning an overnight alcohol and drug free lock in prom party at the school after the prom ( to be held at Hobbs Tavern in West Ossipee on May 21st.). They asked for financial help for the entertainment portion of the night which amounts to $2,355.  The committee is seeking to raise $6,000 in total and the request is in line with the BoS direction from a few years back to fund raise at a 2-1 level.
There was some discussion about doing more with the trust fund to seek ways to combat drug and alcohol abuse throughout the community as opposed to just contributing to prom events. Chief Wetherbee and the two students who attended to state their case, agreed that more should be done and perhaps the student council can make that a goal next year.

If you are interested in contributing to this effort you can send your check to:

Moultonborough Academy
25 Blake Road
Moultonborough, Nh 03254
Attn: After Prom Party

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