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Monday, February 1, 2016

Sidewalk Update

Ray Korber of  the Town Engineering firm KV Partners, presented an overview of the progress to date in fulfilling the directive of Article 30 of 2015 Town meeting:

The "deliverable" due the end of 2016 is the "engineering, acquisition of rights of way or easements, legal costs , preparation of plans and specifications, and bidding for the purpose of sidewalk construction in Moultonborough Village."  The article is non-lapsing until December 31st 2016.

KV Partners presented two plans incorporating both north and south sidewalk options. The possibility of voters approving a bond for a community center that would include an access road that winds through the school property to Rt 25, could potentially avoid the need for some segments of sidewalk as there would be a safe walking area all the way from the Central School to Rt. 25 near Murphy's store.
Where to put crosswalks is also an issue and the engineer strongly recommended one at Blake Road and the other near Murphy's. It was his opinion that NH DOT would not approve a crosswalk to the day care center as it would be in an area where drivers would not be expecting one. They would prefer he thought Blake Road, as that is where traffic would expect it to be.
The sidewalks themselves would be six feet wide and would be built so as not to disturb existing Rt 25 pavement. It would begin at the edge of the breakdown lane pavement and construction could occur without impacting traffic and could be done in one construction season.

Another variable is the proposed Dollar General across from Blake Road which will be required to build a small section of sidewalk on it's property. Connecting all these dots is not an easy task, so at this point, it was agreed to hold off further work until after Town meeting and the Legislative body decision on the Community Center.


Ombudsman ... said...

Up or down votes, like "the Center" are better than nickel-dime votes. Gives new meaning to "chump change".

What does it mean?

" ... acquisition of rights of way or easements ..." Isn't acquisition fairly permanent? NH DOT might have a say, otherwise.

"The intent is ... " And the reality is what?

" ... authorize the Select Board to negotiate, execute, deliver and accept such deed ..." Take deeds for "intent". More idle town property?

"... non-lapsing ..." or ... until such earlier date as the SelectBoard shall certify these tasks have been completed." Legalities, of how "non-lapsing is determined? What about a 2016 petition to offset some of this? Any doubt the legislative body trumps (easy now)the governing body?

" ... bidding ..." Once a bid is accepted, doesn't that commit the town legally"

Isn't there supposed to be traffic light around there, because of the Dollar store?

This was a petitioned article. At least that is what shows up on the warrant. Doesn't mean it didn't coincide with other agendas. It was probably well written for a presumed non-lawyer.

"By Petition)
(Recommended by Selectmen 4 Yes - 1 No)
(Recommended by Advisory Budget Committee 3 Yes - 3 No) "

This post is meant to highlight, not berate. Ask what things mean at the public hearing, or at the town meeting, if not understood. You don't have to be a lawyer to write a petition. It is subject to amendment at the meeting, anyway. Make a motion to amend, if you think it needs it. You might be speaking for others, that think the same as you do.

Some of us believe, qualified English teachers
might write better warrants than lawyers. The idea is to communicate. Lawyers need to be specific and accurate, and law can be confusing and intimidating, to us laymen.

Town Hall Junkie said...

One SAFETY issue that needs immediate attention.....perhaps counciling by our police chief.......a dozen or more Little kids cross 25 after school, leaving Central School and crossing to Immaginations on the North side of Rt 25. Only one adult accompanied the children. She had to park the line of children, 2 by 2 along side the south side, then stand in the middle of the road with her stop sign and ask the little kids to cross by themselves. She has to stay in the middle of the road with her sign until all the kids found their way off the Tarmac.
This is an unsafe situation, two people must help the kids cross, one staying with the children, and one minding traffic.

Sidewinder ... said...

Sidewalks ... KV ... 101 to 101 vote ... defeat ...not again!

Maybe the KGB is needed!


Amazing what petitions can do. Tomorrow is last day.

Not Always Gov't Responsibility said...

Hey Town Hall Junkie,
The daycare is a private for profit business. It is not the taxpayer responsibility to fix the situation you describe. Suggest the profit making business take better care of their customers. The kids. Not our fight. Just common sense for them to act appropriately.

Joseph Cormier said...

I put this in here because it's the latest thread and ... whatever!

While watching the Iowa caucuses, I was surfing around the NH DRA website and ran across this:

December 7, 2015

To the Selectmen or Assessors of MOULTONBOROUGH

In accordance with the provisions of RSA 76:8 II, you are hereby required to assess the sum of $6,417,997 for the 2016 Education Tax. Per RSA 76:3, this amount is based on a uniform rate of ... $2.345/1000 ... (sic)of the 2014 equalized valuation without utilities in the amount of $2,736,885,915.

Stephan W. Hamilton
Municipal & Property Tax Division

I'm not great at math, but ...

The present rate for the State Ed. tax rate is 2.54, and if the new ED. rate is 2.345, that's a .195 rate reduction. Or, actually, the MoBo State Ed. tax will be 2.35.

So, 2.54 less 2.35 is a .19 reduction. That's .19/$1,000 of assessment.

Remember the 9.01 tax rate = Town 2.85 + County 1.42 + School 2.20 + State Ed. 2.54

Shouldn't this lower the tax rate to 8.82, so far; i.e., 9.01 less .19 = 8.82/1000.

If the "Center" adds .29 cents, then .19 cents gets made up here, for 2016 anyway.

Wonder what it will be, if County gets reduced by $2 million as the Delegation wants!

Remember, the County $2.4 million supplemental caused a .15 increase; i.e., from 8.86 to 9.01, if my memory serves me. That could cut/make-up, what, another .12?

At this rate, maybe we can have a hot dog cart on a new Town Common, in front of the Center!