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Alexander Hamilton

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thank You Sen. Jeb Bradley for Supporting NH Medicaid Expansion

In an op-ed column in today's Conway Daily Sun State Sen. Jeb Bradley expressed his support and rationale for expansion of NH Medicaid.  He offered three reasons why the answer to the question of whether to reauthorize the NH Medicaid Expansion Plan should be yes.:
"First, I have spoken with many individuals and families who have insurance for the first time. They speak of improving health through preventative and primary care that has helped them maintain jobs and better provide for their families.
I have also spoken with businesses and chambers of commerce across the state that tell me that a healthier workforce is both good for the individuals and improves the productivity and competitiveness of our state’s businesses.
Secondly, New Hampshire continues to struggle with a substance-abuse crisis. Almost 1,700 people in the second quarter of 2015 utilized treatment under the New Hampshire Health Protection Plan. Without this funding those services would not have been available, exacerbating the substance abuse crisis.
Lastly, reducing the hidden tax of uncompensated care will continue to help control high health insurance costs improving a key cost center for New Hampshire employers, and making our state more competitive."

A decision based upon facts and not political rhetoric. Refreshing. 

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