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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Upcoming Meetings

A reminder that this Thursday at 6:30pm is the public hearing for the proposed Community Center bond. The venue for this and the budget hearing and BoS meeting to follow will be at the MA Auditorium.
The meeting will not be live streamed. This link will take you to the Community Center presentations. Questions and comments on the Community Center issue should be brought to the bond hearing. They will not be posted here. The draft 2016 Town warrant should be on the Town website tomorrow. In the interim, please contact our Town Administrator with any questions or comments.

On Monday, February 8th, the BoS and School Board will meet again in a joint meeting. The main topic of discussion will be a draft charge for the SB/BoS subcommittee.
Tuesday February 9th is of course primary balloting day. Polls will be open at the Life Safety Building from 7am to 7pm. Information on absentee ballots can be found here.


Joseph Cormier said...

Draft 2016 Warrant


Proposed 2016 Budget


Anonymous said...

Take a look at the proposed changes to the 2016-2017 School Budget, While they appear to be doing the sensible thing combining 2 half time music positions into one, what will be additional cost of health insurance etc. by making this position full time? Does it save $$ overall?

I also notice they are adding a $78,925/80% time (200 days curriculum coordinator position. Why does our small, 2 school, administration heavy district need a curriculum coordinator? Isn't that the job of the superintendent/principals?


Joseph Cormier said...

Let's try the Budget again. I just tried, and got a 404 error. It might have been the caucus I was watching, or the Jack Daniels!



Joseph Cormier said...

Might also want to look at:

Proposed Budget by Function v.1


Proposed Budget With Details v.1


Moultonboro Blogger said...

There should be a newer version of the school budget than the version1 referenced. Also, the Town Warrant was updated with two new petitioned articles added yesterday.

Anonymous said...

It would appear that the school budget that was updated 11/23 is the only version the district wants to give the public easy access to as it is the only one posted on the website. How hard is it to update?