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Friday, February 5, 2016

Yes our Schools are indeed accredited.

C'mon folks. Comments were made last night that our Schools are not "accredited." Perhaps it was just a poor choice of words, but others at the meeting picked up on it and repeated it. That is how things that are not true come to be believed as being fact. And along the way, the truth gets lost.
As we try to build on the positives in our community , such as our school system, it is disheartening to hear such negativity. Our schools are something we should be using to promote our town. Telling people that we " lost our accreditation" is especially counterproductive and very damaging to our community image. The bottom line is that it isn't true.

The full New England Association of Schools and Colleges report is on the Academy website. The following is the SAU announcement of the most recent reaccreditation which also contained a number of commendations.

Moultonborough Academy Continues to be accredited by NEASC

During the school year, 2012-2013, Moultonborough Academy received its reaccreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).  NEASC works to establish and maintain high standards for all levels of education—pre-kindergarten through doctoral level. 

In December, 2013, following the completion of an intensive self-study process and the week long on-site visit from the NEASC team, Moultonborough Academy received word that the Committee on Public Secondary Schools voted to award MA continued accreditation in the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.  This vote affirmed that the Academy continues to evolve as an educational institution in line with the NEASC standards.  The committee was impressed with many of the programs at MA and commended us for the following:

-       The extent to which the community charter is evident in the school
-       A safe, positive, and respectful learning environment
-       The degree to which the written curriculum matches the taught curriculum
-       Curriculum which engages students in problem-solving, higher order thinking, and provides opportunities to apply knowledge and skills in authentic ways
-       21st century learning expectations are embedded in our curriculum
-       MA’s personalized education
-       Students are engaged as active and self-directed learners
-       The integration of technology and its availability to students and staff
-       Extra help provided by teachers before, during, and after school
-       A competency based grading system
-       The instructional leadership of the principal and assistant principal
-       The Parent Advisory Council
-       Base Camp program in the middle school
-       Initiative and leadership of the faculty and staff in school improvement
-       Low student to teacher ratio
-       Support of the budget by the community
-       Well maintained school site and plant
-       Mentoring program and other community partnerships
While Moultonborough Academy has been and continues to be a fully accredited school, the staff and administration continue to work to strengthen our instruction, curriculum, and programs for all students in order to fulfill our vision to prepare and empower each student to shape his or her future with knowledge, attitude, and skills necessary to thrive in a changing world. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. As a parent with children in the schools, I feel like some seniors in this town don't even want us here. We live here BECAUSE of the schools. Can't we all just get along?

Concerned old geezer said...

If we are to reverse the flow of young people moving out and encourage them to stay or move in, we have an obligation to address the needs of young families. We have to take a step back and not be so myopic as to miss the big picture. These families are the future of New Hampshire, not us old geezers and retirees. They are a part of our community, they work and contribute to the community and we should all we can to keep them here and do what we can to bring in more. It is tiresome to hear my fellow geezers trash what is good in this town and be so darn selfish.

Joseph Cormier said...

Another geezer posting.

I'm in agreement that demographics: US... State of NH ... Carroll County, NH .. Town of Moultonborough, NH have the same dilemma: decreasing "young families" and increasing elderly ... and will continue. Reality!

Being myopic, would be not to acknowledge it. The town needs to recognize that ALL must be served. I agree that perceptions may be faulty.

Young families are not the future of this town, especially if there are no young families. Seniors are becoming a bigger part of the town, just by virtue of no younger families moving into town. I believe they will increase, still, because of the attractiveness of the Lakes Region and becoming a retirement mecca; myself included.

I'm not here because of schools. I'm here because of low taxes, and they'll stay that way, due to lakefront properties keeping our taxes low. Thank you very much! Other Lakes Region towns are also beautiful and have wonderful people. They also, wave flags, and have apple-pie-and-ice cream. They don't have, and will never have the lakefront that MoBo has, and can tax. It still has, and will have, a lower tax RATE, than the others. Presumption being, we don't nuts on spending.

Instead of almost coming to blows about a "Community Center", formerly masked as a gym, we should be debating on how to make MoBo vibrant for ALL of its citizens.Including, what can realistically make MoBo more attractive to younger families. We already have great schools, and the budget to prove it. How's that working out!

Why aren't we arguing about how ...

Are solutions, marketing the town? or Broadband? Or changing zoning to attract whatever will help? Or researching job growth opportunities for present and future jobs? How about town builders thinking about senior developments. Some of these geezers will have to sell their present homes, some day, and move into something more manageable (and have the money to do it). Or so-called low income housing that some think will bring in families? Who knows for sure. Put the money where the mouth is. What about tele-medicine and nurses, technicians, service folks, etc that would be needed.

This is 2016 ... and ...

Anonymous said...

Great comment Joe...Probably no jack?

Anonymous said...

As an old geezer, involved in the Town political scene, who has lived here for many years, summer and then full time......I take exception to the young people saying we do not want them here. I have NEVER EVER heard an old geezer say that.

You sound like one of those ridiculous UNINFORMED people stating at the BoS Thursday night about Moultonborough's accreditation. Looking around AND EXTENDING YOUR VIEW beyond your own circle might help you see what is really going on with nice older people.