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Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Positive Point of View

In an effort to balance the negative (and sometimes misinformed) letters in local papers the past few weeks, I invite you to read this letter in today's Laconia Daily Sun  from a Moultonboro resident who is in favor of Article 2 and the proposed Community Center. The difference in tone is not at all subtle. No personal attacks on anyone, no list of incorrect information  and no rants about gloom and doom for our town. Just a point of view from an individual who is very familiar with the schools and recreation programs and facilities and can attest to their shortcomings as well as understand how such a facility in the village could add value to our community.


Anonymous said...

Ditto for another positive letter in the Meredith News today.

Anonymous said...

I asked a question on this blog on February 26th and as far as I can tell, there were no answers. I'll try again. See below.

I am confused about the impact of Article 2, if adopted, on the tax rate. The FAQ on the Town Web Site states that: "How does that affect our long term financial stability i.e. tax rate? The impact on the tax rate will be
neutral once the current school bond is retired in 2018. The estimated operating cost tax rate impact of
the new facility is $.06/1000."

However, the Bond Comparison contained in the Community Center Financial Study and Recommendations shows the impact of a 10 year bond at 29-24 cents annually and a 15 year bond at 21-16 cents annually. Does this mean that if Article 2 is not adopted, and other things being equal, that the tax rate would go down on retirement of the 2018 bond. If the answer is yes, then how much would the tax rate go down?

Joseph Cormier said...

"Ditto for another positive letter in the Meredith News today"

I have on-line subscription to most, if not all of papers of Salmon Press.

When I saw this post on the blog, I thought it referenced Erin Plummer's piece on the front page. It, basically, reported on the 2nd bond hearing. I thought ... why not just watch the stream of the meeting? The wonders of science ... even for MoBo!


It's too bad there isn't as much fervor for broadband expansion (and I don't mean DSL).

I then read Al Hoch's letter for support on his run for Planning Board. Sure, I'll vote for Al!

Then I read Tom Howard's letter. Nice letter. Then spotted John Malm's letter. OK.

Was thinking, do any of these letters to the editor really do any good? Wasn't it last week, the opposing side had letters to the editor!

Whatever happened to "The talk of the Town" that used to be on the town website. Unfortunately, used for topics that most folks could care less about.

Now that the town has streaming, why can't we have a forum/platform for debate on town issues. It could be facilitated by the Walter, the new TA. Most of us trust the new TA could maintain a modicum of acceptable decorum. His time on site could be adjusted accordingly.

There should be opposing sides, not stacked-deck appointments, and let the merits be heard. Who knows. Maybe some compromises would occur!

Can't see how it would hurt. The cacophony coming from both sides of Article 2, is getting very old, and convinces nobody.