"Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.
Alexander Hamilton

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Article 2

There was some limited discussion at candidates night tonight about the proposed community center and I want to address some of the comments made.
One comment was that the proposal will eventually cost up to $11 million dollars. I was never taught math using Common Core, but my calculations of the cost are quite different.

A ten year bond for $6.3 million at an interest rate of 2.54% will cost $7,197,408. The proposed operating cost is estimated to be no more than $162,000 per year, but as stated in the various presentations, this amount includes dollars already in the public works budget. The actual up cost is closer to $110,000 per year. Extrapolated over ten years that is $1,100,000. When you then subtract the minimum of $630,000 to be raised by fundraising, the total over ten years ( not including added revenue) is actually no more than $7.6 million. Far, far less than $11 million.
The increased cost includes the addition of two part time employees to operate a seven day a week operation. The office space was erroneously stated at candidates night to be for six offices. That is not correct. There are three offices for our current staff and a reception office to be shared by the part time receptionists.
As to the BoS pledge to follow all Land Use regulations the same as a private citizens, it is absolutely true. We have been very clear on this. I heard tonight though, that applying for a variance is not exactly the same as following the " rules."With all due respect, it is precisely and unequivocally following the rules. A variance is permission granted to use a specific piece of property in a more flexible manner than allowed by the ordinance. It is the right of any applicant to apply for a variance, whether public or private.