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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Coalition to Save the County Farm

"Our County Delegation (15 NH State Reps) is talking about de-funding the farm operations at our Carroll County Farm, a 894-acre property with about 750 acres of harvestable forestland and 90 acres of hayfields. The farm manager oversees the production and sale/donation of vegetables and berries to local food pantries and the food service program for inmates and nursing home residents.   There is revenue from the sale of firewood, hay, and campwood.  The farm is a work site for trusted inmates at the County Jail.  UNH Cooperative Extension provides agriculture education and experimental projects at the farm.  There are other intangible benefits. The accounting for the farm is bundled with public works (mowing, plowing, shoveling, water, septic, etc) making it difficult to determine the actual cost of operations.  The Coalition to Save the Farm proposes funding the farm operations for 2016 while working with a Task Force to conduct a fair and balanced review of farm operations. Thursday (3rd) and Friday (4th) and March 14 there are meetings at the farm. These meetings are likely the only opportunity for your public input other than a call to your Representative.  The County budget must be finished by the end of the month.   "

Coalition to Save the Carroll County Farm  - for further information -
(603)284-6294  marklongley@sbcglobal.net  (603)284-6990  stephmwv@ncia.net

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