"Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.
Alexander Hamilton

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Comments Rules

There have been many, many comments to posts on this blog over the last seven years ( 18,000 or so) and many that were never posted. ( No  comments will be allowed for this post either, no matter where you try to slip it in or on Article 2 or the proposed community center.)

Despite what is being bandied about regarding Article 2, I culled comments from both sides of the debate. I did not post most comments that were derogatory toward myself. Why would I?
Many comments were not published because they contained misleading information and I did not have the patience to address each and every one to correct them. Some were not very complimentary of those who wrote letters in opposition of Article 2. Very uncomplimentary in fact. Some comments were clearly written by the same  people opposed to the Article 2 proposal, only with different angles and the same incorrect assumptions that I felt would unfairly sway voters. After Town meeting, there were quite a few angry comments about the lack of debate and the early calling of the question.
Some were venting about how dare we try to reconsider the vote. ( It is just as much a voters right to ask for reconsideration as it is to call the question. I have a post on Robert's Rules coming.) Others were just plain angry and purposefully ugly.

 " Censorship!" " Freedom of Speech!" "Respect the first amendment!" " Stifling Debate!" All were stated in various  comments. One called me an imbecile for misspelling some one's name. (And I am the one not being civil?) One stated that there were more of  "us" ( seniors) than children , presumably meaning they should win the vote. On and on it went.

Letters to the editor are static. Once published, they are out there and cannot be commented on, unless you write a letter also. My posts about the community center and peripheral issues were kept "static" as I attempted to correct what was incorrect in numerous letters to the editor.

In any event, going forward, no comments will be published that I find to be offensive, rude, stupid, dumb, ignorant, arrogant, nonsensical, insulting, moronic, idiotic, silly, or....any comments that I simply don't like.