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Alexander Hamilton

Monday, March 14, 2016

"Hearts and Flowers" Petitioner's Well Represented

Typically, the petitioned warrant articles for various charitable organizations are bundled together on a motion by the legislative body at Town meeting and voted on as a block. This year was no exception. The total appropriated for these causes was just under $68K.
We did mention at various BoS meetings that we hoped organizations that request public funds attend Town meeting and provide supporting information on their request as to how their organizations benefit citizens of Moultonboro.
Even though the articles this year were voted on as one, there was such  good representation from most of the petitioner's in person, that discussion went on for quite some time. Probably as long as voting on them individually. The BoS also received letters from numerous organizations justifying their requests.
I support the work each of these organizations and the value they bring to our Town. My abstentions when the BoS voted on whether to recommend these articles were only to be assured on behalf of taxpayers that there is benefit to citizens of Moultonboro.

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