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Alexander Hamilton

Saturday, March 26, 2016

“In this world torn by violence, now is the right time to launch an offensive of mercy" Pope Francis

With all the turmoil, terror attacks and ongoing wars, it is hard to remember what this day is all about, a day that is the foundation for Christianity around the world. 
Pope Francis has declared a Jubilee Year of Mercy, a time of grace, peace, conversion and joy.  It is meant for everyone: people of every age, from far and near. Pope Francis began three days of solemn observances leading to Easter Sunday by denouncing those who fuel terrorism the way some once backed Judas against Jesus.
He washed  the feet of a dozen migrants at an asylum center north of Rome some of whom were Muslims. His gesture was meant to show that we are "all brothers and children of the same God: we want to live together in peace. I ask everyone to persevere in prayer and to ask the Lord in this Holy Week to comfort the hearts afflicted and convert the hearts of these people blinded by this cruel fundamentalism."
Happy Easter

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