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Alexander Hamilton

Monday, March 28, 2016

Medicaid Expansion Saving Municipalities Small but Significant Savings

An interesting story reported on NHPR that seems to indicate that there some direct positive impacts to expanded Medicaid in NH on local communities. NH RSA 165:1  requires that "Whenever a person in any town is poor and unable to support himself, he shall be relieved and maintained by the overseers of public welfare of such town, whether or not he has residence there." That at times can include the cost of prescription medications. While the dollar amount saved has not been huge in terms of total budgets, the municipalities below have all seen significant savings. As the article states,  "prescription assistance program is one area where there is some consistency across municipalities."
Using this as an indicator of the effectiveness of Medicaid expansion in NH is important, not just for the savings in indigent payments for prescription medicines, but in the  other many intangible and yet to be quantified savings along the entire continuum of care that are made possible with access to healthcare. Hospitals in NH have already seen significant reductions in indigent care costs.
It is good to see our folks in Concord occasionally putting their constituents first and partisan politics second.

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