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Alexander Hamilton

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Moderators' Rules and Procedures


Joseph Cormier said...

"...and may only be made by a voter who voted with the prevailing side of the vote on the Article to be reconsidered."

Difficult when vote is a secret ballot!

"Mandatory Restriction: In accordance with RSA33:8-a, a motion to reconsider a ballot vote on a bond issue of over $100,000 passes, the Article cannot be reconsidered until a reconvened Meeting that is at least seven (7) days after the original vote."

Should read passes or doesn't pass!

" With respect to bond votes, the restriction on reconsideration automatically applies without the need for the Meeting to vote on it."

In other words, whichever way the vote goes, no re-vote on Saturday March 12. It can be voted again 7 days later ... BUT ONLY IF A SEPARATE "MOTION TO RECONSIDER" PASSES which is very doubtful! Not a motion to "restrict" reconsideration ... a motion "for" consider!

The vote to reconsider only requires a majority of 1 vote. The Article vote requires 2/3 vote.

Anonymous said...

The people that screamed foul when the motion to reconsider was made were way off base. Stifling debate is not the American way. the people that supported the calling the question did not want a debate. Shame on them. I am embarassed for my hometown that has been hijacked by a bunch of angry entitled old people.

Anonymous said...

What part of "you lost by a landslide" is difficult to understand? Needing 67%, getting 40%? 5 hands were raised when asked who arrived undecided? Certainly not enough to swing the 348-200 vote. 'Your hometown hijacked by entitled old people'? You mean the ones paying the lion's share of the town's taxes?? Not only are you out of touch, you're the embarrassment.