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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Voters Approve Appointing Road Agent

Article 16 ( after some spirited debate with good pro and con points and probably some minds changed) "To see if the Town will vote to change the Road Agent position from elected to appointed. This change will be effective at the end of the 2017 Town election in accordance with RSA 669: 17-b.." was approved by a vote of 115 yes to 57 no. 
Road Agent Scott Kinmond, who I stated during the discussion has set the bar high, indicated unofficially that he would resign as Road Agent once the decision on Article 16 was made. The BoS will need to appoint a Road Agent to fulfill the remaining length of his term which expires in 2017. 

669:17-b Discontinuing Optional Elected Office. – When a town votes to discontinue any optional elected office, whether or not such office is to be succeeded by an appointed office, the person holding the elected office at the time of the vote to discontinue it shall continue to hold office until the annual town election first following the discontinuance of the office, at which time the elected office shall terminate irrespective of the length of that officer's term. This section shall apply to the elective offices of tax collector, highway agent, constable or police officer, overseer of public welfare, auditor, and any other optional town elected office not governed by another statute.

 669:74 Highway Agents. Vacancies in the office of elected highway agents shall be filled by appointment made by the board of selectmen for the remainder of the unexpired term.

In summary, Scott resigns, his unexpired term must then be filled by appointment by the BoS until his term ends next March at which time the BoS can hire a permanent Road Agent. 

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