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Alexander Hamilton

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Code of Conduct Ordinance

Article 5 of 2014 Town meeting approved a Code of Conduct Ordinance  for Town Officers and Employees.  That was a long time in coming and brought us in line with other NH municipalities. Here is a link to what I wrote back in February 2014.
 Having an ethics ordinance gets everyone on the same page as to what is and is not acceptable as a public official or public employee.
As a selectman I am certainly aware of this and other ordinances and policies and fully comply. We attend conferences and seminars and read the pile of mailings and information we receive each and every week from the NH Municipal Association, various magazines, Legislative Bulletins, etc, etc...We even do our own research.
 I welcome input and information from all citizens, but when it becomes a game of  passive aggressive threats, not so much.
Once again, please remember that we are volunteers doing the best we can on behalf of the Town. .

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Anonymous said...

Rules and regulations can be good and also protect the town from a lawsuit.