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Alexander Hamilton

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Do votes even matter anymore?

I was just reading about the GOP convention in Maine where Ted Cruz " won" 19 of the 20 delegates as voted  by the convention. At the party caucuses March 5th, Cruz won with 45.9% of the vote and was awarded 12 delegates, Trump got 32.6% and 9 delegates, and Kasich, 12.2% and 2 delegates.
So how did Cruz's campaign step over the will of the caucus voters and ignore their votes? It's the rules baby.  Delegates are bound supposedly by the results of the caucus on the first ballot at the convention, but not after that. Silly as they are across both parties, in numerous instances, your vote can be meaningless. Every state makes it's own rules and it has allowed candidates, particularly Ted Cruz, to garner more delegates than the popular vote implied.
Some might say it is a "good ground game" by the Cruz camp. Others like Maine Governor Paul LePage call it a campaign run by " greedy political hooligans." “I can’t stand by and watch as Cruz and the Republican establishment forcibly overrule the votes of Mainers who chose Trump and Kasich," said LePage.
The system is badly broken and should be fixed after this election cycle so that when we vote, we can have some degree of confidence that it counts and is meaningful. This should be addressed by both parties at the national level and end the insider tricks and " rules" that allow this to occur.


Independent said...

What about Hillary's Super delegates!

Feel the Bern! said...

What about them? Apples and oranges. Superdelegates are in place to make the convention less subject to control by party leaders and more responsive to the votes cast during the campaign for the nomination. It is a system in place since 1968 and has worked well to assure that the will of the people is followed. Feel the Bern!

Another independent said...

Super-delegates is a Dem. party-boss scheme to keep control. Worse than the GOP version of establishment control. Apples and oranges, it's more like fruit cocktail. Reach into the fruit basket and find the particular fruit with which a delegate that can be bought off. Why bother to vote at a primary or caucus? Will of the people that voted otherwise? Delegates know best? Tell that to Putin!

Anonymous said...

My,My,My, let the tin hatters speak