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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Final Granite State Future Project Documents

April 6th 2016

I am pleased to share the final Granite State Future (GSF) project results with you.  As you know, this represents the culmination of several years of hard work and synthesis of the nine regional plans and multitude of statewide research that you helped contribute to.  Thank you for your time, dedication and assistance to this effort.  I know this will prove to be a valuable resource for you as you move forward with updating your local plans.

All final GSF products have been posted to the “Our Plans” page of the website.  Some highlights include:

·        The Statewide Snapshot- presents the compilation the nine regional plans, numerous statewide technical studies, and the robust outreach efforts to presents priorities from across the state. 
·        The Nine Regional Plans- highlights from and links to the final documents from each region.
·        Statewide Research- including the Existing Conditions Assessment, Regional Plan Framework, climate change studies, UNH survey, equity and engagement checklist, and results of statewide public engagement efforts.
·        Planning Metrics- Common metrics of benefit to local, regional and state master plans with Excel data downloads and an online GIS data viewer hosted by GRANIT. I have attached a short orientation on the data  viewer which is a great tool. 

You can reach the “Our Plans” website directly at http://www.granitestatefuture.org/our-plans.    This information is also linked off LRPC’s website at www.lakesrpc.org .  If you have any trouble opening the links on this page, please hold the Ctrl button before you click on it.  As always, please let me know if you have any questions.  Jeff


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Anonymous said...

How can anyone be 'proud' to promote Granite State Future, a top down plan by the federal government to control what goes on in your local area?

Shameful, disgusting and not necessary.

What was the hook, Paul?

Moultonboro Blogger said...

I see the paranoia is still alive and well. The Granite State Futures outcome had absolutely zero impact, as in none, to Moultonboro or any of the Lakes Region member towns. Zero. We were not, never were, nor will we ever be, required to do a single thing in any of the documents. As I wrote two years ago, the regional plans are required by RSA. They do contain a ot of very useful data which we have been using since it was available.
Shameful, disgusting and not necessary is the hysteria created about a bunch of plans sitting on a shelf in the NH OEP office.
The " hooK" is common sense and the ability to separate fact from bs.

Anonymous said...

I guess you missed the point.

The question is, why spend thousands so that an outside, unelected group, in collaboration with NGOs and foundations, can make suggestions for what YOUR TOWN should do?

You can bet GSF is THEIR plan, not the plan of the people of Moultonboro.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Anon 5:28- I'm guessing you are the same person (s) who just commented on the Paranoia post. You pose a very silly question. You jumped to a few uncorroborated conclusions you garnered from like minded websites and have no real basis in fact. I participated along with many others in creating the GSF plan and they do make quite a few excellent suggestions. That is the key word by the way, " suggestions." Take a deep breath.