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Alexander Hamilton

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

New Recreation Complex at the Lion’s Club?

In today’s Laconia Daily Sun is an article about a proposed citizen’s petition in Moultonboro  to call a special town meeting for two warrant articles. One is to build a scaled down community center at the Lion’s Club. Per the article, the lead petitioner, the very same person who decided that there was no need to debate the community center warrant article this past March and called the question, was quoted as saying “ I grabbed the money and ran with it.”  Also included per the article is a second warrant article to make the grounds around the Town owned Taylor property a park. While the petition   calls for a specific time period to call the meeting, (between July and August this year), I do not believe that the BoS are required to call the meeting during any specific period, only that it is greater than 60 days before the next Town meeting.
The petition also seeks to eliminate the participation of any elected or appointed members of any committee of the Town or School District, effectively eliminating the participation of more than 120 volunteers, many of whom you elected, from participating in the process.
With all the citizen input over the years with the Master Plan and Village Vision among them, this petition completely usurps the work of these volunteers and meeting attendees. It also usurps the will of the voters who elected us to govern. In addition, it is insulting to those of us who do take the time to volunteer and spend many often thankless hours on behalf of all citizens. Not to mention the cost and time of some of these very same volunteers that the petitioner wants to see excluded, to actually conduct a special town meeting.  
To my knowledge, no petition with 50 signatures has yet been presented to the Town and I hope that those that are thinking of signing it, will not support it. I am confident that the vast majority of citizens in Moultonboro will not support this, even if it got to the point of actually having a special meeting.

Please say no thanks when asked to sign. 


Moultonboro Blogger said...

There is nothing in the RSA that requires the BoS to call the special meeting on a specific date or time frame with the exception of the 60 day rule before the next town meeting. Shouldn't be to difficult to understand what "60 days away or less" means!

Moultonboro Blogger said...

"No, it shouldn't be too difficult to understand. Statutes usually have meaning, as opposed to bloviating!"- My comment stands. There is no RSA that requires a Special Town Meeting to be held on a specific date or time frame other than the 60 day requirement.