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Alexander Hamilton

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Paranoia is running from something that is not chasing you.

A friend “on the inside” sent this to me. Seems I have gained some statewide ( however unwanted and untrue) notice from among others, the Coalition of NH Taxpayers, the phony, sophomoric and paranoiac Granite State Future(s) and the Lakes Region Tea Party.  (The real web site for Granite State Future can be found here: Granite State Future.)
The Coalition of NH Taxpayers email blasted this nonsense earlier today:

The town of Moultonboro is facing a similar threat because the planners have decided to do the bidding of the regionalists who carry water for the federal government.  The residents of Moultonboro also do NOT want to see their town urbanized, or the wishes of HUD imposed upon them. They do NOT agree with the ambitious 'Master Plan' that was created for them by unelected bureaucrats who secure HUD grants.”
A representative to the Lakes Region Planning Commission from the town of Moultonborough, a Mr. Paul Punturieri, maintains this blog where he now sings the praises of the “Master Plan”.
Please be aware that the “Master Plan” for your area is no different than the Master Plan for every town, city and region in the rest of the country. To discover the goals and purposes of these plans, please visit this website: Granite State Future(s) and its associated Blog where these plans and schemes are exposed.
Since becoming a representative to the LRPC, Punturieri, has also turned his back on SB2, the law which allows towns to hold an actual VOTE where residents can choose to make decisions about their own towns, as opposed to a chosen few bureaucrats who can assemble on an evening and push through initiatives that many would not have heard about. This makes sense, because now less people will be informed about these “Master Plans” and less apt to vote against them.
Lakes Region Tea Party members were instrumental in exposing regionalism to the rest of NH, and many towns now are aware of what they are up against when it comes to federal intrusion and the potential loss of local control.”
My response follows: 
Is there a sane person out there who actually believes that I oppose SB2 because it would allow residents to “choose and make decisions” about Moultonboro? As I wrote just a few days ago in response to a comment, the writer should write as soon as the aliens have landed or when they spot big foot. It seems that they found another forum to preach their irrational, unfounded and paranoid version of reality. What is missing in this equation is that all zoning ordinance changes are voted on the second Tuesday in March at the ballot box and by absentee ballot. Do these folks not know this?  
I would strongly suspect that our husband and wife Tea Party team, Nancy Wright and Jim Leiterman who are prominent members of the Lakes Region Tea Party, are probably behind this attack on yours truly as well as the truth. As they did so expertly with the community center, they continue to misinform the public and misrepresent the facts. It would do them well to remember that local government is a volunteer organization. It is also non-partisan. Let's keep the extremist viewpoints out of it and try to focus on solutions. Now I am certain that this post will be blasted all over and " how dare I call out a citizen", blah , blah,blah. I am tired of holding back and not fighting back and proclaiming what I and many others know to be the truth. 
Let me take a moment to bullet point the facts in large print and in bold:
  • I am not a “ planner.” I volunteer as a commissioner as one of two representatives to the Lakes Region Planning Commission representing Moultonboro, on your behalf. I have no ulterior motive other than fulfilling a civic duty.
  • Many ( most) of the commissioners on the LRPC are elected in their towns as either Planning Board, Zoning Board, Selectmen, Mayor and others. We are not " unelected beaurocrats." 
  • I have never supported Federal grants ( especially HUD)  of any kind and have stated many times that none have been sought, nor will I ever vote in favor of them. To state that anyone is imposing HUD on anyone in Moultonboro is nothing more than hysterical, paranoid thinking.
  • “Singing the praises” of the Lakes Region Master Plan is simply an ignorant statement. I merely posted a letter from the executive Director verbatim with links to much useful data and reports. I am a commissioner and this is public information. 
  • There is not a single thing, not one single thing, that Moultonboro is obligated to do whether from Granite State Future , the Lakes Region Planning Commission or Planet 9 from the outer edges of the milky way. It is all advisory, no HUD money was asked for or accepted, all the commissioners from the member towns approved the final plan unanimously. 
  • Regionalism is not a dirty word. It is something that makes a lot of sense for many towns in NH that are in close proximity and could benefit from shared services. 

A definition of stupid: seeing the truth, knowing the truth, but still believing the lies. 


Anonymous said...


"By statute, a master plan is only required to deal with the "vision" of the municipality's future, and specific statements about how land might be used in the future. Additional optional sections may be added to the plan to deal with issues such as transportation, utilities, natural hazard mitigation and economic development. These matters are discussed based upon the needs of the community as a whole. "

To all:
Master Plan is advisory only!

"•Finally, the master plan is a guide to decision-making for the planning board, the governing board and mayor or manager."


Anonymous said...

A closed mind is a stupid one. Different opinions are a great learning tool. Some of the people around here need enlightening . Please keep up the work, Paul. We don't always agree but, I learn. Thank you, anon.

Anonymous said...

wow. Who created the bogus "future(s)" website? I read some of and it is amazing how far out extreme the far right and Tea Party have gone. Amazing anyone believes that BS. scary, scary, scary.

Anonymous said...

Odd how once you do become an elected official and put the effort in to understand the issues, with an open mind, do the job that our legislative body elected you to do, that you somehow become an enemy to a minority who oppose government no matter what. Surely After this recent fiasco at Town Meeting, the majority is onto the likes of Nancy and her twisted irrational lies, and can see that they are only interested in manipulation of the system to serve themselves, and are certainly not interested in any others hearing factual information and voicing our opinions.

Thank you for your time and efforts Paul. We need more open minded people like you representing us against this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

As for GSF(s) website, where do you think the information comes from? It comes from the planners, the regionalists, and the federal government, and alas, the GSF website itself.

That site merely dissects it, exposes it, and opposes it.

So much for free speech?

Better go back and read the whole site, including the front page, which by the way, has some 'goals' listed that were taken DIRECTLY from the GSF site itself.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is, the ideas are NOT coming from the community but from some unelected commission that is sucking thousands of your tax dollars.

Why bother funding an outsider group to make suggestions about YOUR community?

Why should your tax dollars pay for what some NGO or foundation like the Carsey Institute wants?

Moultonboro Blogger said...

I published these last two anon comments as further evidence of how out of touch some people really are. The info on the phony website came from people that are as paranoid and extreme as the commenter, not planners. Here is a message from earth: Moultonboro made all it's own plans. No one is " controlling" us no " outside group" no " unelected commission" .
The whole opposition to the real Granite State Future project is from Tea Party extremists. Your opposition and accusations are totally without merit, you know it and still believe it. Hey, isn't that the definition for stupid?
A suggestion: skip the Tea Party and try a martini party instead.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Could someone share and show us where our Moultonborough tax dollars are going according to GSF, and or where it's been proposed? This all sounds like it's coming from an out of town conspiracy person "bob the builder" who came to our meetings before and wouldn't provide his name. He talked about HUD "funded" programs and so forth.

Anonymous said...

"Bob the builder" is Tim Carter of Tea Party fame. 'nuf said...

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Moultonboro has not accepted one single penny of HUD money. The rhetoric from the extremists keep talking of HUD funding. If they are telling the truth, show us exactly where Moultonboro has accepted, or applied for any HUD or Federal funding. The truth and the slam dunk is that they can't because we haven't. Ah, they say that you have to fear the big bad regional planning commissions because they are controlling us and imposing their mandates upon us. Again, show us one single example here in Moultonboro. Again. they can't because it is just not true.

ConCom Bill said...

Since you asked for a single example... Federal funding was applied for and received in 2013-2014 from the US EPA, in the form of a 319 grant to study the local watershed and water quality. The funding allowed the town, along with the Lake Winnipesaukee Association and NH DES to hire environmental scientists to conduct the study. The preliminary results were presented in April 2016. This federal grant does not mandate that the town implement anything, but gives it (and NH DES) scientific evidence to back up needed changes in zoning and infrastructure priorities. While it is prudent to look closely at the fine print of all grants, not everything that comes from the Feds, State or even LRPC is bad by default, as some seem to believe. Often, external funding and planners allow our town to progress far beyond what local talent or engaged citizenry could provide. Not mandates, but great ideas for consideration.