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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Purchase and Sales Agreement for Lee's Pond Preserve Approved

After nearly a year of discussions and negotiations between the ConCom and the seller, the BoS tonight agreed to the purchase and sales agreement for the Lees Pond Preserve negotiated by the Conservation Commission. The purchase will preserve and protect a 37 acre parcel of land which has significant water resource, wildlife and historical co-occurrence attributes in our town. The property has frontage on route 25. The sale price is $287,000.
It is a bit of a complicated process that begins with a conservation easement and fundraising to raise $325,000 for purchase and stewardship. The easement ( Phase 1 of the purchase) will be 100 feet in width and 3,800 feet in length  located along the shore of the Red Hill river and along the shore frontage of Lee's Pond. Public access will be limited to low impact uses, such as walking trails, nature kiosks, viewing benches, canoe/kayak launch, snowmobiling,fishing and birding.
 Phase 2 will be a fee simple title to the entire 37 acre parcel within 24 months.
The ConCom is meeting this Monday at 7pm at Town Hall and will be able to answer all questions on the details of the transaction and provide more information.
We owe a debt of gratitude to the  dedicated members of the ConCom who worked very hard to make this happen and preserve this important piece of property for the benefit of the town at minimal cost to taxpayers.
A perfect example of what can happen when we work together toward a common goal for the benefit of all.


Bill Gassman - ComCom member said...

Thanks for the announcement and thanks to the select board for supporting efforts to protect our watershed. The ConCom was hoping to have more details nailed down before the news broke, but the P&S agreement is signed and the risk of losing it to another buyer is passed.

The public is encouraged to attend a public meeting to go over the details and answer questions on Thursday (4/14) at 7PM in the library. The ComCom meeting next Monday is a planning session, but the public is welcome to that too, as always. Questions posted here will be answered as information is known or decided.

Meanwhile, tax deductible donations, payable to the "Town of Moultonborough, Conservation Commission" are welcome. Preserving the Lees Pond Preserve, at the mouth of the Red Hill River Watershed, is a big project and success depends on generous support.

More information is, or will become available at a Facebook page set up for this project at www.facebook.com/leespondpreserve/

Anonymous said...

Great news. A very worthwhile conservation effort that will benefit many generations to come. Thank you to the Conservation Commission.