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Alexander Hamilton

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Selectmen Meeting HIghlights April 28th 2016

  • Thanks to a NH Highway Safety Grant with funding from the US Dept.of Transportation and the Naitonal Highway Safety Administration, all on duty Moultonboro police officers will be equipped with body cameras. The grant ($9,500) will provide a video camera for one of the new cruisers and five body cameras. 
  • The single stream conversion at the Transfer Station is just about complete and should be up and running in the next few weeks. More information will be forthcoming on how the new system will work.
  • The Lions Club lease renewal will be discussed between the Lions Club finance committee and our TA, Selectmen Beadle and myself will also participate. The Selectmen will discuss the future of the property at the next work session. 
  • The DPW Director position search has begun and at large members of the public will be selected at the May 12th BoS meeting.
  • Long time Town Counsel Peter Minkow announced that he will retire as Moultonboro Town Counsel effective May 28th, 2016.
  • The BoS received a very nice thank you note from the Moultonboro After Prom Committee, thanking the Town for it's generous donation.
  • During citizen input, a question was asked about the Rec Advisory Board and appointing a new member who recently applied. The BoS advised that the RAB will be evaluated at a future meeting when the full board is present.


curious said...

has there been a formal petition presented to the selectmen signed by 50 people to hold a lions club special town meeting? can we see who signed it if so?

Anonymous said...

Not surprising after the Town Meeting to hear that the Town's attorney is "retiring".

How will a new attorney be selected?

Will there be a committee that includes citizens other than BoS members?

Moultonboro Blogger said...

No discussion has occurred as to how the new counsel will be chosen or if there will even be just one. In the end, no matter what path is chosen, the final decision will be made solely by the BoS.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the authority lies with the BoS to appoint one or more counsel. That being said, it might be wise to have a citizen's committee to supplement the BoS, considering that no one the BoS is an attorney or has legal training as one.

If the committee which includes citizen reps including at least one trained attorney makes a recommendation the BoS doesn't like, the BoS has the prerogative to disregard the recommendation.

The BoS has had search committees for other positions that include non-BoS members. Why should the selection process for a Town attorney be different???

Rotary member said...

"can we see who signed it if so?"

Why do you want to see who signed it?

Moultonboro Blogger said...

No one said it would be different. We have not discussed it.

Politically Correct said...

Can we start using "Select Board members Beadle and me" rather than "Selectmen Beadle and me"? Gender specific terms went out of style decades ago.

Anonymous said...

What do the last two comments relate to? Explanation please.

The public has a right to know said...

Asking who signed this petition is a legitimate question. I want to know who is responsible for again causing dissensation in this town. I am certain it is the same list of usual suspects that complain constantly and do nothing to help. Special meeting will cost MY taxdollars and all because this small group thinks that the selectmen aren't doing a good job. I think they are and I am sure many more do as well.