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Alexander Hamilton

Friday, April 1, 2016

Selectmen Meeting HIghlights

A rather long meeting last night. Lots on the agenda.
Some highlights:

  • The video system in the Ernest Davis Meeting Room will be upgraded to 3D. Viewers will need to wear special 3D glasses to get the full experience. A link to Amazon will be available soon on the Town website for purchase. Soon viewers will be able to experience the rants and body language from the lectern almost as if they were actually there, but glad they were not.
  • Moultonboro may soon be the first town in NH and maybe all of New England,  to offer town wide broadband with the use of stationary balloons. The provider, HiHi WiFi will float the balloons at no cost to the Town, and will charge users a competitive monthly fee. The only catch is that they will need to place more than a thousand balloons around town at a height of no more than 100 feet. The BoS felt that this was a reasonable trade off for the ability to market town wide broadband.
  • The Planning Board has received an application for a new business in town subject to the sale of the Town owned Taylor property where it is proposed to be located. With all the traffic and tourists driving through Town, the business would  provide a reason for some of the traffic to stop in the village. " Every Body's Gotta Go" is planning a state of the art complex of rest rooms and related facilities and a large parking lot to accommodate the anticipated demand. A company spokesperson told the BoS that with New Hampshire's aging population, they expect that many locals will also find the facility handy as they make their rounds to the post office and bank. Maybe even just to take a walk and visit with friends. The facility will charge per person and per flush. The Planning Board is expected to make the approval conditional on reduced rates for Moultonboro residents. 
  • A new committee was created to explore the actual attendance at selectmen meetings. Since people are not required to sign in and the camera doesn't cover the entire room, how many people actually go to the BoS meetings? If no one takes names, maybe the selectmen are exaggerating the attendance or just making up the numbers to look good or some ulterior motive? A conspiracy perhaps?  The committee, to be known as  CRAP ( Committee to Report Actual People) will be charged with digitally photographing  everyone ( except the BoS and town staff) as they enter the meeting room. The prints will be uploaded into a special database, the ASHO ( Actual Sample Head Organizer). Once the committee gets this up and running, we can properly keep track of all the ASHO's and end the controversy. 
The next meeting will held April 1st. 


Colonel Hogan said...

Got me! As Sergeant Schultz used to say..."Jolly Joke"

Anonymous said...

Yup, you had me up until the CRAP committee!! Very funny, blogger!!!