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Alexander Hamilton

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Selectmen Meeting Highlights

  • The first quarter of 2016 financial report was presented. No concerns were raised. 
  • The BoS and School Board met in a joint session to start the meeting. The two topics on the agenda were the joint School Board/ BoS subcommittee and marketing the town. Both boards approved the subcommittee rules of procedure. Chris Shipp and myself will continue for the BoS and Lauren Sturgeon an Kathy Garry will represent the School Board. After some discussion it was agreed to move forward and develop some form of a marketing program. As our TA advised us, the purpose is not to just grow , but to stabilize.
  • Selectman Bartlett stated that he was told the multi purpose room stage is never used. and the reason the multi purpose room can't be used is because of the stage. What is the school/administration's attitude toward that room? Superintendent Noyes responded that the question has been asked and answered numerous times,and said that the room is used everyday as a cafeteria, for band, and chorus, the bleachers don't fold flush to the wall along with the cafeteria tables.The cost to remove the stage was looked at some time in the past, but  she couldn't recall when, but did note that it would be very expensive. As I said later in the meeting, the question about the multi purpose room has been asked and answered many times, but some people just don't like the answer. 
  • The BoS work session continued with a discussion of an RFQ ( request for qualifications) for Town Counsel. After some discussion , it was agreed to develop and send out an RFQ to see what is out there in terms of services and then decide at that point if we wish to make a change.
  • The single stream conversion is going very smoothly and slightly under budget. The new compactors were being installed today. It was mentioned that there are rumors around town  about single stream. I stated that the way to quell rumors is to direct questions to our Town Administrator to get the real answers.
  • A draft of a proposed contract for Time Warner Cable was approved with amendments and will be sent to TWC. It includes keeping the franchise fee at 2%, making the term 5 years, asking for broadcast services for Boston and southern NH stations, reducing the density requirement to 15 homes per 1/2 mile and asking for a local TWC office. I suggested that as we are hoping to attract families and businesses, perhaps we should amend the Community Technology Fund to add additional funds on top of the franchise fees. My thought is that opportunities may present themselves in the next few years to greatly enhance and expand broadband service throughout town and this would be a good way to help fund it or provide seed money to a third party. No guarantees of course on our proposed contract, and we will await TWC's response.


Anonymous said...

hope we can get the Boston stations.

Anonymous said...

Moved to Boston you can watch everything right there this is New Hampshire.

Fred Van Magness said...

I want to applaud the BOS for trying to get TWC to carry Boston stations. TWC is not the best service carrier....I think high cost, poor channel selection, etc. but we are stuck with them and need to make the best of the situation. Thank you to the BOS for working to make improvements in coverages.