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Sunday, May 8, 2016

2016 Master Plan

Hard to believe, but the Master Plan update that began in earnest nearly three years ago in  the summer of 2013 is nearing completion. The Master Plan should be viewed along the lines of a municipal code that codifies policies and implementation strategies that can be updated as required.
The Master Plan survey was completed in September 2013  and three " Speak Out " sessions were conducted.In January 2014, the Planning Board held a " vision" retreat on a Saturday morning to begin to put together the input and data into a unified vision. The Village Vision Committee completed its work in time for 2015 Town meeting, where the voters endorsed the plan. Many more meetings have occurred since, and with the expertise of our former Town Planner, Bruce Woodruff, and many dedicated volunteers, we are at the point of having two chapters, Vision and Land Use, in draft form and one more, Transportation, completed and ready for public hearings later this year by the Planning Board which has the responsibility to create and adopt the Master Plan
RSA 674:21 Innovative Land Use Controls, provides municipalities with a wide range of options to use in efforts to shape land development in ways that reflect the vision of their master plans, and to deal more effectively with growth-related issues. Innovative land use regulations can only be adopted through the zoning amendment process. Subdivision and site plan regulations can supplement them. To be required, innovative land use controls must be supported by the master plan. Innovative Lands Use controls can be used to implement more sustainable development planning principles and practices. Two such uses that come under RSA 674:21 are Village Plan Alternative Subdivision Overlay District and Accessory Dwelling Units . Both have ordinances drafted and approved by the Planning Board and set for pubic hearing November 9th and a ballot vote in March of 2017.

Stay tuned over the next few months as the 2016 Master Plan nears completion and for public hearings by the Planning Board.


Mt. Rattler said...

Sounds like HUD did have an influence after all , with this Village plan alternative subdivision overlay.. Sounds like you are making it ripe for cluster housing.

Planning member .. said...

This is not a new concept. Try googling Village Plan Alternatives to learn some more.

HUD comes up if grants are "granted". Granted to whom?

Some VPA's like cluster, senior independent-living communities could help local builders and the community. Alternative life styles are coming, especially for seniors who can afford it. That could free-up housing they live in now,for younger families or new residents.

The Planning Board is helping the village to become current and lawful.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

There is no HUD money, grants etc involved. Just good planning for the future.