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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Clarification on "Does the Carroll County Convention have the Authority to Appoint a Non-Budgetary Subcommittee?"

The following is from an email I received from Carroll County Commissioner Babson in regard to the Commissioner's not appointing a member of the Delegation to their farm subcommittee:

"In hopes of an impartial committee the commissioners purposely did not appoint a member of the Board nor a member of the Delegation to their committee. The commissioners asked for volunteers from the public and about dozen people have accept the challenge.  Steve Knox from Albany volunteered to chair the committee. He will do an excellent job. All meetings will be posted and the public is welcome and encouraged to attend."

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State Rep Glenn Cordelli said...

Why was their committee meeting last Tuesday not posted?
Why was the tour of the property with the Kendall Foundation and NH Charitable Trust not posted?